8 Of The Best Ways To Get Rid of Cavities And Tooth Decay Naturally

8 of the Best Ways to Get rid of Cavities and Tooth Decay Naturally© Pinterest

Now, we need to become our own tooth fairies more than any time before!

Just like any other part of your body, your teeth need your daily care and attention. Chances are you wish if you could never see your dentist again, luckily, you can help prevent dental decay naturally at home.

According to dentists, adding a few simple dietary changes to excellent dental hygiene can help you maintain optimal dental health.

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#1 – Change your eating habits

Change your eating habits© Storyous

Switching to healthy eating habits can only shower your health with benefits regardless of your goal. According to a British study, a change in diet can reverse tooth decay.

Everyone knows that consuming foods that contain phytic acid can restrict calcium absorption and that sugary products lead to teeth decay. Yet, you may never have to deal with such dental problems if you change your eating habits.

– Avoid sweetened beverages like sodas and juices. Go for unsweetened tea, fruit smoothies, and most importantly, water.

– Get enough calcium to keep your bones and teeth healthy. Try to eat dairy products on a daily basis.



#2 – Chew sugarless gum

Chew sugarless gum© Ruby Canyon Dental

Surprisingly, chewing sugarless gum can help you prevent tooth decay. In fact, the majority of sugarless gums available consist of xylitol, a natural sweetener that doesn’t cause bacteria growth in your mouth. Moreover, your mouth is filled with saliva as you chew, which can eliminate food remains effectively and naturally.



#3 – Clean and change your toothbrush on a regular basis

Clean and change your toothbrush on a regular basis© Rossen Dental

A toothbrush is an important tool, but what’s even more important is choosing the right toothbrush.

– Pick a medium- or small-sized brush with bristles that can reach into where food particles can hide.

– Never use toothbrush covers because they can be an ideal shelter for bacteria and microorganisms. Simply rinse your brush with water and let it air dry. Also, don’t leave it anywhere near the toilet to avoid contact with fecal bacteria.

– Change your toothbrush regularly.



#4 – Stick to a basic dental care routine

Stick to a basic dental care routine© Reader’s Digest

About 42 percent of adults use only a toothbrush for dental care, states the International Dental Health Association. In most cases, people don’t realize that their dental care may require any changes or they’re doing it the wrong way. Follow this dental care routine if you want to protect your teeth from decay:

– Brush your teeth for two minutes, reaching out to every surface and every corner. Repeat twice a day.

– Floss your teeth to remove any remaining food or trapped germs.

– Use mouthwash to get rid of any remaining bacteria in your mouth.



#5 – Visit your dentist for regular cleanings

Visit your dentist for regular cleanings©

Visiting the dentist may not be the most pleasant thing to do, but prevention is always better than dealing with painful problems. There are certain areas that you can’t reach effectively regardless of how well you brush or floss your teeth.

A dentist will properly remove any plaque and tartar by cleaning near the gum line on the front and back of your teeth.

Regular cleaning is a crucial step in fighting off cavities. Plus, there’s nothing to dislike about cleanings and you’ll certainly love the smooth feel of your teeth afterward.



#6 – Add vitamins and supplements to your diet

Add vitamins and supplements to your diet© Pinterest

Besides eliminating sweets from your diet, you should also consider including vitamins and supplements in your diet to help your saliva fight dental plaque. Vitamins are fundamental for optimal teeth health.

– To promote salivation, eat plenty of fiber-rich foods like nuts, fruits, and veggies.

– Eat whole grains to provide your body with iron, vitamin B, and magnesium.

– Eat more seafood (salmon, herrings, sardines, etc) to get enough vitamin D.



#7 – Try coconut oil pulling

Try coconut oil pulling© Pinterest

The amazing coconut oil can also help you protect your teeth from decay naturally. You just need to swish one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth until the mixture of your saliva and oil become milky white. It will take you about 20 minutes. Make sure not to swallow it.

Oil pulling is so simple yet so effective. Not only can it reverse the effects of tooth decay, but also helps prevent cavities.



#8 – Make your own remineralizing toothpaste

Make your own remineralizing toothpaste© Waste-ed

You only need a few natural ingredients to make this simple toothpaste recipe. Combine 4 tablespoons of calcium powder with 1 tablespoon of stevia, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and ¼ cup of coconut oil.

Mix them well until you make an even paste without any crumbs. And that’s it! Replace your regular toothpaste you’re your homemade one.

Note: This toothpaste has only a shelf life of 30 days, so make sure to stop using it after this period of time or you can choose to make a new one on a monthly basis.



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