8 Disgusting Things That Happen When You Stay In Sweaty Clothes

Last Updated on October 16, 2020

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Did you ever wonder what happens when you stay in sweaty clothes? Well, it’s not a pleasant or healthy experience at all. From fungus to acne to itchiness, the possibilities are endless!
Whether your sweaty clothes come from workout sweat or just a simple walk on a sunny hot day, sweat can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable.
If you are curious about this matter and still wondering why it is bad to stay in sweat clothes, keep reading!

1. Clogged pores

I think we all shower after sweating a lot, no? Well, if not, you definitely should! Not only because it’s the hygienic thing to do but also because sweat and sweaty clothes can accumulate and trap dirt and dust in your body, which will eventually clog your pores and cause possible breakouts. We suggest that you shower immediately after workouts, if not possible, use a clean towel to clean the sweat from your body and put some clean clothes after! Whatever you do, don’t spend more than one hour with sweaty clothes after your workout session.

2. Fungus

Have you heard about fungal skin infection? Maybe you’ve heard about this condition but by a different name such as “jock itch.” This fungal infection takes place in moist and sweaty places in our body, most likely our inner thighs, groin area, and our buttock! It affects both men and women that decide to walk around with drenched or sweaty clothing. If you feel itchiness or a burning sensation, it might be fungus since it multiplies very quickly and effectively using this reaction. To avoid all this, you should always shower and change clothes. If you already have it, the best is to go to the nearest pharmacy and ask for an antifungal cream.

3. Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is another type of fungus that grows in (surprise surprise) sweaty and wet areas all over your feet, especially between toes. That’s why you should always dry your feet carefully after a shower, and always wear footwear in locker rooms and public bathrooms, especially when on a pool or beach! We understand it’s easier and more practical to go barefoot, but trust us, it’s not worth it! Most of the public WC’s are so dirty you feel like you can see the bacteria with your bare naked eye.

4. Bad odor

This might be the most awful thing on the list since it’s not only uncomfortable for you but also for everyone around you! Even if you’re not sweaty anymore because you and your clothes dried, it doesn’t mean the smell of sweat also went away. What happens is that your shirt, depending on the material, will absorb your body oils, sweat included. This means that the “wet look” went away, but the odor is still there. Cotton clothes will always be better since they deflect body oils, but that doesn’t mean they won’t smell either, maybe less depending on the circumstances. You should always wash your clothes with detergent and let them air dry so they can smell good again. Don’t forget them in your gym bag, or the smell will become even worse. Also, don’t think that putting some perfume will kill off any previous smell; it will only make it worse!

5. Acne breakout

Puberty, stress, menstruation, and other hormonal stages, and what else causes acne? Oh, that’s right: gym clothes. Just like explained previously, when the dirt is accumulating and clogging your pores, it will more likely cause a breakout in your skin. So, the longer you stay with dirty clothes on, the more you’re prone to suffer from acne. It always depends on your skin type and if you already suffered from acne in the past or not. If you did, then showering after sweating is your only salvation.

6. Skin rash

Do you know that feeling when you’re walking around wearing your favorite dress, and then you suddenly feel your inner thighs burning? Well, that’s what we call a skin rash. A skin rash can happen from friction, as described above, and in that case, you should apply some hydrating cream as soon as possible and wear loose pants until the rash is better. Rashes can also happen due to wet, sweaty clothes that irritate your beautiful skin, causing itchiness and burning painful sensations on the rash area. What can you do? In the first place, be always prepared, get used to carrying around a thick hydrating cream just in case you need it, and avoid wearing wet clothes and dresses, especially if you’re planning to take long walks.

7. Red bumps

We know leggings are the best invention ever! Small, easy to pack, super comfy, and they make your butt look great. However, tight workout clothes can damage this ass of yours if you wear them for too long. Our body needs to breathe, and our blood must circulate, that’s why we should always wear loose, baggy clothes whenever we have the chance. Tight clothes such as leggings, jeans, tights, only make your body suffer, especially if you decide to sweat in this type of clothing. Why? Have you heard of the term ” folliculitis”? It appears to be acne, but it isn’t since it’s an infection derived from hair follicles leading to acne-like, red bumps that might itch a little. It’s more likely to appear on the leg area and butt, so if you appreciate your smooth, healthy skin, consider getting some joggers or loose shorts for workouts and keep those leggings for casual wear.

8. Yeast infection

This last one is directed to the ladies, even though yeast infections are easy to treat, they can be quite uncomfortable because of the itchy feeling or even burning sensation it might cause. Since yeast likes to live in sweaty places, it’s not a great idea to support and do nothing about these places on our body, especially our private parts. This particular area can be more sensitive to infections, which means we should be more careful about it so we can avoid possible vaginal infection. Always carry around new clean pants but also clean underwear. If you’re wearing a long skirt or some loose pants, you can skip the underwear. However, make sure always to wear underwear, if you’re wearing jeans or thighs, so the clothes are not in direct contact with your private part. Now that you are aware of what happens to your body when you stay in sweaty clothes, you should know it’s always best to save some time and wash yourself and your wet clothes immediately after sweating, either after a workout or just a sunny day.


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