8 Dangerous Risks Of Contact Lenses That You Need To Know

Since contact lenses were invented, people were extremely joyful about them because, obviously, wearing glasses constantly is not fun at all. Thanks to the great development of medicine, these small things we put in our eyes can help those with vision problems to see a lot more clearly.

They might be a little tough to wear and take out, but everyone gets used to them eventually. Once you wear them and after only a little while, you forget that you have vision issues in the first place.

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But considering all of its great advantages, contact lenses have also a few disadvantages, like causing pain in your ears, nose, and increasing a few dangerous risks that could harm your eyes.

If you wear contact lenses, then don’t forget to care for them daily, and make sure to not wear them 24/7. Or, you might end up dealing with these 8 dangerous risks of contact lenses that you need to know.

8 Dangerous Risks Of Contact Lenses That You Need To Know© ShutterStock

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#1 – Eye infection

Eye infection© ShutterStock

Once you wear contact lenses, you immediately put yourself at a big risk for getting an eye infection. The reason is you are constantly putting your fingers near and inside your eyes a lot more than those who don’t wear it.

On the other hand, the most common infection is keratitis, and it is mostly caused by contacted lenses due to their ability to collect dust, viruses, bacteria, and eye parasites. If the contact lenses are scratched, then there is a high chance for the bacteria to find an entrance to your cornea.

In general, if you swim with contact lenses, don’t clean them, expose them to water, or wear old ones, then you may end up dealing with infections, pink eye, and even blindness.

#2 – Corneal scarring

Corneal scarring© ShutterStock

You should never keep wearing the contact lenses for too long because it may lead to corneal injury and inflammation, which can cause scarring.

The corneal scarring can affect your vision and cause permanent damage to it, which is extremely painful. If you wear soft contact lenses daily, be extra careful with them, check for scratches, clean them, and don’t over-wear them.

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#3 – Insufficient blinking

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Insufficient blinking© ShutterStock

Usually, the contact lenses can cause you to blink a little less than you should because they reduce your corneal sensitivity. It may not be a big deal, but regular blinking is important since it protects the eyes and prevents them from drying out. Plus, it keeps all the dust, viruses, insects, and bacteria away from your eyes.

#4 – Cornea receives less oxygen

Cornea receives less oxygen© ShutterStock

If you wore the contact lenses throughout the whole day, you will end up blocking the oxygen to your corneas. Keep in mind that they weren’t designed to be in your eyes for a long time, and they definitely should not be worn during the night while you sleep.

So try to give your eyes a break from them throughout the day and get them off as soon as you get home.

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#5 – Dry eye syndrome

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Dry eye syndrome© ShutterStock

When you decide to get contact lenses, you should accept the fact that dry eyes come hand-in-hand with it. The worst part is it could lead to a higher risk that it may get worse and lead to dry eye syndrome.

The reason is that contact lenses usually reduce the amounts of tears your eyes can produce. Therefore, you may suffer from red eyes, itchiness, irritation, pain, and even corneal scarring.

#6 – Dangly upper eyelids

Dangly upper eyelids© ShutterStock

In fact, the dangly upper eyelids have an actual term, and it is Ptosis. According to many studies, there is a connection between hard contact lenses, soft contact lenses, and ptosis. The ones who wear the hard lenses are in a greater risk of having droopy eyelids. But wearing any lenses for a long time can cause it anyway.

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#7 – Higher risk of corneal ulcers

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Higher risk of corneal ulcers© ShutterStock

The eye infections can lead to corneal ulcers, and since people who wear contact lenses can develop infections, it makes sense that they are at a greater risk of corneal ulcers. They are extremely painful and can open sores on the outside layer of your cornea. This happens when you keep the contact lenses in your eyes for a long time.

#8 – Eye Parasites

Eye Parasites© ShutterStock

If you keep your contact lenses on 24/7, even during the night, then you are at a big risk for getting eye parasites. In Taiwan, a student kept wearing her contact lenses for over 6 months, so her eyes got infected with parasites to the point they began to feed off the surface of her eyeballs.

Yikes! Of course, this is an extreme case, but if you didn’t follow the rules, it might be possible. So make sure to give a break to your eyes occasionally to let your eyes breath, clean the contact lenses, and Never sleep wearing them!

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