7 Yummy Foods That Will Boost Your Mood

The obsession to lose weight and shielding your body from getting any other extra pounds through a body cleanse diet can leave stimulating, fatal effects on your psychology. Your mind sets one single goal and drops the ball out of the entertaining zone.

This way you fall into depression as well as anxiety. Strict diets can cause damages more than they can fix them. Following a zero carb diet is self-torture. You need to remember that your body is one big unit where what is physiological is linked to what is psychological.

If your body is satisfied; getting all the nutrients it needs, your spirit will be cheerful and at ease. You do not have to break your diet, but you are rather advised to alter it a bit by simple additions like a low-calorie hot chocolate.

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Clinical studies, one of which is the SMILES’ trial, revealed that healthy food-based diet, composed of fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, seeds, olive oil, healthy, salty and crunchy snack foods, and nuts, is the best natural anti-anxiety therapy ever.

Having those unhealthy, salty snack foods or sweet candy contribute all to deconstructing the healthy body you are trying so hard to build.

Getting the right food can improve your physical along with your mental health; so here is a list of must-take-foods that proved their efficiency in fighting depression, stress and improving your mood.

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#1 – Chocolate

Chocolate© odili

Remember Hansel and Gretel? They both could not resist the candy chocolate house of the evil lady because chocolate is naturally irresistible. Many people keep telling you that eating chocolate will add only weight and fat to your waist, still, you insist it does not.

Well; you are right! Can you walk away from chocolate Nesquik section in the market? You probably will have your eyes open than Puss in Boots. You don’t have to worry about avoiding chocolate to lose more weight.

Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland conducted a study that showed that eating a specific portion of dark chocolate covered with almonds maybe, 1.4 ounces per day, for two successive weeks will contribute to the reduction of the secretion of stress hormones, inclusive of cortisol, in the case of people suffering already from high levels of stress.

Dark chocolate includes in its natural composition a number of antioxidants that decrease feelings of stress. Now, that it has been proved, you can go straight to the market and grab the most healthy dark chocolate bar you can find with no stressful worries.

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#2 – Salmon

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Salmon© pexels

To all fish lovers! Here is your big shot! Just like chocolate, there is no harm in having a delicious dish of fatty fish. Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, and herring are advisable to be eaten on a regular basis without being obsessively worried about the extra pounds.

These types of fish can save your psychology from sinking with the Titanic for it scales back off anxiety. Thanks to the great portions of omega 3 vitamins they provide your body with and the fatty acids, your mood is going to have a little push forward.

The components of this fatty fish provide your system with numerous nutrients that cannot be produced otherwise by the internal organs. Food does not lay and nap in the stomach, it tours all your body until it reaches the brain.

Considering this, omega 3 travels all the way to your brain to change the brain chemicals, dopamine and serotonin in particular, which are responsible for boosting your mood. See how your body is interconnected. Another study on students stressed with exams proved those among them who took omega 3 supplements exhibited less anxiety sign by 20 %.

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#3 – Green Tea

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Green Tea© pexels

In England, having a cup of tea is almost a traditional cultural question to be asked. Teacups, teapots, and trays are a must in any English house. Tea seems to have more underlying effects than what we think.

How many times have you come back home from a terribly exhausting meeting, your head was about to explode and thought to fix a nice cup of green tea with lemon? Many people do because it comforts and calms them. A cup of tea will relieve your senses from any accumulated stress during the hectic days.

It can raise the happy spirit within you and get your nerves back on the track. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published something about a study conducted in Japan which included that having elderly drunk 2 to 3 cups of green tea on a daily basis mitigates depression in their cases.

Green tea is scientifically speaking composed of several nutrients like L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that assists your body in combating anxiety. It contains also a bit of caffeine which energizes your body and encourages you to quit being nervous.

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#4 – Oysters

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Oysters© ChefSteps

Oysters are known for their contribution to increasing aphrodisiac. At first glance, you might not be quite excited to taste them. But if you were lucky enough to have Chef Didier in Last Holiday to cook Oyster pot for you, then you might change your mind.

They are very rich in protein, plus they are a great source of vitamins B-12, A and C for a balanced body system. On top of this, eating oyster is going to take your mood low levels to higher levels.

Salty oysters contain zinc which is a major nutrient that mitigates anxiety. This crucial nutrient has got an impact on your immune system as well, in the sense, it assists the body in regulating the immune responses and attacking any detected infected cell.

Your mind gets also extra benefits for Zinc has got a lot to say when it comes to learning and memory. It regulates the way neurons in your brain communicate with one another. Moreover, it can considerably and positively affect your sleep.

Some people might resist Chef Didier’s offer! Well, in that case, you got to find another source from which you can get zinc. If you do not like seafood, then it’s alright as you can get what your body needs in terms of zinc from eggs, liver, beef, and cashews.

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#5 – Blueberries

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Blueberries© pexels

They are among the antioxidant-rich foods worldwide. They protect your heart from chronic diseases and your body from cancer. In facts, their color, blue, comes from polyphenols which are the richest source of antioxidants.

Taking about 1 cup of blueberries will build a natural firewall against toxic foods. Thanks to fiber that blueberries contain, your cholesterol is going to remain low which makes the heart healthier, not to mention the taken amount of fiber from eating blueberries facilitates digestion.

Having one cup of blueberries per day regularly will save your life by preventing cardiovascular diseases. The brain is also influenced by the antioxidant released from blueberries which flavonoids.

This antioxidant, can regulate your mood, shield your brain cells from aging, plus strengthen your memory. Recently, a conducted study on animals revealed that blueberries include anti-inflammatory chemicals that can be used in the treatment of a mental issue called PTSD.

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#6 – Spinach & Other Leafy Greens

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Spinach & Other Leafy Greens© pexels

Having a leafy-green meal with natural olive oil is one of the richest dietary portions you can get per day. Leafy greens in general, like spinach, kale, and cabbage, are quite rich in vitamins and fiber and low in calories.

Fresh spinach is also among the leafy greens that will vitalize your body. You can use it to cook soups, salads or sauces. If you have one cup of raw spinach, your body will feed on Vitamin K, A and manganese.

Spinach contains also elements which stimulate the production of red blood cells. Unfortunately, in America for example, almost half of the people there do not benefit from the adequate, needed portions of magnesium.

This mineral can do a lot in terms of anxiety reduction. If you are not into Spinach, why don’t you try Swiss Chard? It is also an excellent source of both magnesium, about 38% of RDI, and manganese, about 29% of RDI. You can get these minerals from lentils, beans, almonds, and avocados as well.

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#7 – Yogurt and Other Probiotics

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Yogurt and Other Probiotics© pexels

Dannon light and fit yogurt is usually an added value to your balanced healthy diet rich of probiotics. Probiotics are medically speaking good bacteria which assist your digestive system. they affect the nerves and control your gut’s movement when food is coming down.

There are several cases where these bacteria help with skin conditions and prevent allergies and colds. Plain probiotic yogurt is not the sole source of good bacteria. You can get them from foods like kimchi and sauerkraut.

These foods’ regulation of the gut’s movements affects your mood, reduces anxiety and minimizes the chances of getting depression. But this isn’t medically and officially proved. These foods might help some and fail to help others according to some studies. But you can never miss a sweet yogurt together with a Christmas chocolate before the fireplace.

Please feel free to comment and tell us about some delicious recipes you have used in your diet system, especially those that include some of the foods mentioned in this article.

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