7 Ways To Workout While Walking Your Dog!

Last Updated on December 20, 2020

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Your furry best friend needs to go for a walk once or twice a day, and if you are the type of person who can’t find the time to exercise, walking your dog can turn into a workout. It’s a great way to make the most of your time: your puppy will be happy, and you will engage in regular exercise without any extra effort. In this case, a healthy dog equals a healthy owner, right? So, here is how to walk your dog while turning the walk into an exercise routine.

1. Take advantage of your dog’s energy

When you walk your dog, you shouldn’t be pulling each other. Instead, you should harness their energy and try to follow along. Building a healthy body takes time, and even if you are in good health, you might not be able to keep up with your puppy at first. However, as you become a professional “dog walker/professional athlete,” it will be easier to follow along with them. This will improve the experience of a walk for both you and your best friend.

2. Program a schedule

If you wonder how to lose weight but feel too lazy to join a gym, walking your dog can be a great step in your weight loss journey. Yet, you must do it with consistency. Programing your dog’s walks will help you in many ways. First, because your puppy will start to internalize their walking schedule as their pooping schedule, which will lead to fewer bathroom accidents at home. Secondly, because your body will also get used to the exercise routine, which will make it easier as time goes by.

3. Choose your terrain

You have better chances of achieving the healthy body you dream of if you think your route through. Sure, a fast-paced walk around your neighborhood can be great cardio, but if you have the chance to pick a trail or a hilly terrain, you will surely be able to develop more endurance. Your muscles will become sore, but hard work pays off, and after a while, you will notice a difference when it comes to strength and resistance.

4. Make every minute count

Even if you don’t have that much time to walk your puppy, any time you spend working out is better than nothing. So, if you have ten minutes in the morning and another ten minutes in the afternoon, make them count. You can try to walk as fast as you can – push your limits and your dog’s limits and go for an intensive walk. And to make sure your dog gets enough exercise, you can take a tennis ball and play catch with your best friend while you are at it. 5.Try to add some weight If you can manage a hands-free dog leash, you can improve your dog walking workout by adding some weight to it. You can try to use tiny hand weights to lift while you jog or, alternatively, go for a weighted dog vest. However, the latter option must be discussed with your dog’s vet beforehand. The incorrect use of a weighted dog vest can result in hip, back, and knee issues for your puppy.

6. Mix things up

Just because you have a dog walking/exercise routine, it doesn’t mean every single day has to be the same. To keep you and your puppy from getting bored by your team dynamic, make an effort to switch things up a bit. If you had a long day at work, it’s ok to slow it down and go for a relaxing stroll with your furry friend. If you feel energized, go for a longer walk, choose a more challenging trail, or walk faster and harder. What matters is consistency, so keep moving!

7. Be sure your puppy is happy

Walking your puppy and exercising at the same time can help strengthen the bond between you two. However, it’s important to understand if your best friend is enjoying these routines as well. If your companion appears to be too tired when they come home, maybe it’s time to slow it down a bit. But if they are still full of energy, maybe this is a sign you should’ve exercised more. Adjust your routine accordingly, and you will see just how good it can be for both you and your dog.


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