7 Natural Remedies You Should Use For Arthritis Pain

Last Updated on January 19, 2021

There are fantastic natural remedies that help us to deal with and overcome health problems that science sometimes cannot decipher. This is the case with natural remedies for the relief of arthritis pain. If you identify with this problem, sit back on the couch and read this article, since there are homemade solutions that will help you and that you should follow. Discover the seven natural remedies and other natural therapies you should use for arthritis relief to improve your quality of life!

1. Use Hot and Cold Therapy

One of the natural remedies that you should take to relieve arthritis symptoms is hot and cold therapy. As its name implies, this type of treatment can be used hot or cold, and it is up to you to assess which is the most suitable for your type of arthritis. Hot Therapy: This type of therapy uses heat to relieve muscle pain and joint stiffness. It is common for people who choose this treatment to take long, hot showers (especially for those suffering from stiffness morning) since they relieve that feeling of the rusty body. Electric blankets or heating pads are also used at night to keep joints looser and more relaxed. Cold Therapy: This type of therapy uses cold to relieve joint pain, swelling, and inflammation. Gel blocks of ice or even those bags of frozen vegetables are used to be applied to inflamed areas, which will provide quick relief from joint pain. Do not place them directly on the skin, as this can lead to burns. For any of the options, be careful to avoid extreme temperatures and use compresses when applying the chosen therapy. Just do two 15-minute sessions a day.

2. Add Turmeric and Black Pepper to Your Cooking

Turmeric is a yellow spice from India that is widely used in the food and as a medicinal herb. It contains a chemical known as curcumin, and it consists of anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the symptoms of the various arthritis types. Thus, this spice should be part of your kitchen so that you can make your culinary dishes more colorful, healthy, and effective in combating rheumatoid arthritis. Black pepper is another fantastic spice that should also be part of your diet, as it has the piperine compound that reduces inflammation and helps to absorb the curcumin present in turmeric.


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