7 Horrible Effects Of Sleeping On A Bad Mattress

Did you ever wake up with all your muscles sore? Or did you wake up tired even after sleeping for 8 or 9 hours?

The best of us have experienced this to the point we believe there is something wrong with us, and we would end up having an unproductive bad day during our daily tasks due to the physical pain and mental exhaustion.

Logically, all of these issues must be coming from a source, and before you start questioning yourself, ask this: Can the mattress be the reason?

Well, there is a high possibility that it is the reason your body feels broken and why you are not having a good day. Of course, how can you get a good slumber on a mattress that is over 10 years old? If you want to have a better physical and mental health, then it is a necessity to consider the mattress you rest your body on!

7 Horrible Effects Of Sleeping On A Bad Mattress© Tobillog.blogspot


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#1 – Poor sleep

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1. Poor sleep© Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation

There are many reasons why you can’t have a good night’s sleep: The food you eat, how much you drink, and the activities you do before your bedtime can all have a strong impact on how well you are going to rest. For instance, if you consumed caffeine, then it is obvious you are not going to sleep well.

Water, on the other hand, can also cause some issues because it will lead you to wake up several times during the night to empty your bladder.

If you are sure you haven’t consumed or done anything that could interrupt your sleep, even your room is peaceful enough, then your bed, pillows, and bedding can be the sources of the issue.

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#2 – Memory

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2. Memory© The Bristal

Sleep can be broken up into many stages, and one of them is the REM stage when the brain solidifies things into our memory. If you are not getting enough sleep, then your ability to retain memories will decrease.

According to a study, two groups of people were assigned to do the same task. They did it the first time, and then only half of them were allowed to sleep before doing it again.

Those who slept were capable to perform a lot better than the other group, which shows how their brains retained the information better.

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#3 – Awareness

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3. Awareness© Paula Davis-Laack

If you find yourself less aware of your surroundings day after day, then you should probably blame your bad mattress.

When you are not getting enough sleep, then your mind will be feeling cloudy. It will be hard for you to multitask and to concentrate.

According to a few studies, your cognitive abilities depend on how well you slept during the night, and in order to achieve that, you need to have a comfortable, healthy mattress that will help you have good dreams and a good-quality slumber.

Next time you don’t do well at work, just explain to your boss how your queen size mattress wasn’t helping you to rest well and that you need a few days off to look for a good mattress store (a win-win situation!).

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#4 – Creativity

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4. Creativity© JenningsWire

The thing that makes you unique is your ability to think outside the box differently than anyone else, and that becomes a hard task when you are not sleeping enough.

Your ability to solve problems will decrease and any task that requires improvisation will have you at a disadvantage.

According to research, lack of sleep may not have a great impact on something with set answers or multiple-choice exam, but it does impact your ability to come up with creative solutions or original thoughts.

What if your job or studies rely on being creative and having original ideas? Will you keep blaming the mattress all the time?

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#5 – Blood pressure

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5. Blood pressure© Mental Floss

The REM stages of sleep play a role in reducing our blood pressure, working on getting it down to its normal levels. When the sleep cycles are interrupted, your body will not be able to reduce the blood pressure properly, which can lead to many heart issues down the line.

Moreover, your body releases a few hormones that can regulate stress when you are sleeping, and without that, your stress level will build up and cause you a lot of issues in your both physical and mental health, but most specifically, your blood pressure that will be highly impacted!

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#6 – Weight

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6. Weight© Pulse Ghana

Have you been gaining weight unexplainably?

No, it is not the diet you are following or the gym exercises that are not working, it is just you are not getting enough sleep. In case you didn’t know, you are burning calories when you are sleeping, but not to the point you are losing heavy pounds. Allow us to explain:

What happens is lack of sleep leads your metabolism to slow down, which makes it hard for the body to burn the fats or anything that was consumed during the day.

Plus, your hunger levels will be greatly affected because of Leptin and Ghrelin; these two hormones are responsible for regulating your appetite. One of them makes you feel hungry and the other makes you feel full, so when you are not sleeping enough, you will feel extreme hunger and you will never feel full enough!

All of these things will lead you to gain weight in a very unexpected and unexplained way!

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#7 – Depression

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7. Depression© SleepHelp

Lastly, one of the worst things poor sleep can lead to is having a negative effect on your mental state, and that’s in case your bad mattress is causing you insomnia, which is very common if you have back pain.

Everything we have discussed in this article can lead to depression, which it can turn around itself and cause more lack of sleep, therefore, more health issues – It is an endless circle.

If your bad mattress is related to your back pain, then you have to go to the mattress store (even if there isn’t mattress sale) as soon as possible and purchase a special mattress for back pain.

If it is just not helping you sleep well, then you still need to get rid of it and get a new one. Your sleep patterns are extremely important, so don’t take it for granted.

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