6 Strong Remedies That Will Help You Treat Wounds At Home!

We all have times when we accidentally cut a finger in the kitchen, scrape a knee during an outdoor workout, etc. Though such wounds aren’t serious or too painful, they can still put you at risk of an infection if you don’t treat them properly.

While first aid ointments are available on the ready at pharmacies or drug stores, you can still want to treat your fresh, open wounds naturally at home or use natural remedies if you injure yourself at a time when all pharmacies are closed or if you run out of antibiotic ointments.

After all, our ancestors used these homemade remedies to treat their wounds for thousands of years, so there is no harm in using them yourself unless you are allergic to a certain ingredient.

Regardless, take a look at these 6 effective natural home remedies for open wounds that you should know about to handle the situation in the case of an emergency. Read on to find out!


6. Use honey for open wounds

For ages, honey has always been the go-to natural remedy for fresh wounds, because not only does it have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties but also anti-inflammatory powers which prevent swelling or inflammation from wounds.

If you have a fresh wound, apply honey to a cotton swab and then to the wound. It will effectively kill bacteria and speed up the healing process.

Make sure to apply only enough (not too much) of honey to your wound and bandage the affected area with a clean bandage.

5. Use saline to clean your wound

You got a scratch or cut on your skin? Use a sterile saline solution to wash your wound and cleanse it. Saline is perfectly safe compared to hydrogen peroxide which people often think is the better solution when it can actually irritate or damage the skin.

To get your homemade saline water solution, boil 8 ounces of salt with water, let it cool down, and then apply it to the wound using a cotton swab or clean washcloth.

The solution is non-toxic and will sterilize your wound fast and well.

4. Use Aloe Vera for cuts

Aloe Vera gel has different health-related uses; it is good for oral health, skin health, digestion, and, of course, does an amazing job soothing burns, including sunburns, and healing wounds.

All you have to do is cut aloe vera leaf and squeeze out its juice, apply the juice to the wound, and it will work its magic! Aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties will both cleanse and speed up the recovery of the open wound.

It is perfectly safe to apply the aloe vera gel or juice directly to an open wound, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

3. Apple cider vinegar to prevent infection

Apple cider vinegar is another very famous remedy for different ailments, including cuts and scrapes.

Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can destroy the bacteria E. Coli that cause wound infection. So, there is no harm in applying diluted apple cider vinegar to a fresh wound to stop the bacteria from spreading and prevent the occurrence of an infection. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash your hand with warm water.

Never ever apply undiluted apple cider vinegar to a wound as it may backfire and make the situation worse.

2. Use essential oils to relieve pain

Tea tree oil and peppermint oil work wonders for new wounds as they act as antiseptics and anesthetics.

These essential oils also prevent the growth and spreading of germs and bacteria on the wound and soothe the pain from it. All you need to do is apply these essential oils directly to the affected area and bandage it with a gauze or band-aid.

Soon enough, you will notice that your wound has healed faster and that it no longer stings or burns. This natural remedy will also prevent irritation and infection.

1. Garlic for mosquito bites

Next to onions, garlic is one of the most ideal remedies for insect bites is garlic. Not only does garlic have antibacterial properties but also anti-inflammatory ones.

The smell of garlic may be strong but its effects are stronger when it comes to disinfecting mosquito bites or cuts and helping them heal fast as well as properly.

Apply minced garlic to the bitten skin and leave it for a few minutes. Next, wash the affected area with warm water and apply an ointment if available.

Those were some of the most useful natural remedies that you can treat your wounds at home. Make sure to try them and be careful with allergic reactions!


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