6 shocking Hygiene Mistakes it’s time to stop Making

Last Updated on April 1, 2021

We know. You think you have the best personal hygiene, but you still got curious, well it’s quite likely that you’re making at least 3 of these hygiene mistakes. Quite a bold statement but let us tell you, these are things we don’t even think about because they are so deep-rooted in our daily routines that we totally dismiss them!

It isn’t all about hand washing for longer than 20 seconds…the more information you have, the healthier you’ll be! So here we have a few hygiene mistakes you should completely avoid!

1. Toilet Habits

This is one of the most important places to be extra careful: bathrooms! While antimicrobial wipes are very fine and work on killing 99% of bacteria, you can’t depend on them at all times. For example: when toilet flushing, you probably use your fingertips to do so, well that’s not okay.

You should always use your knuckles since this is probably one of the dirtiest places in houses and establishments; you need to be aware of your surroundings. You should always spend more time washing the bathroom to make sure you have a clean toilet. Another great tip is to use hand sanitizer after you wash your hands.

2. Soap Is Our Face’s Enemy

No, you shouldn’t be washing your face with soap that is what cleansers are for! There are a wide range of different cleansers: oil, gel, foam, etc. to help with each individual’s skin type needs. Soap is not for your face but hands. Repeat this like it’s your new mantra.

Soap not only destroys your face’s natural moisture, but it also messes with your pH. Also, sharing makeup may be fun on a night out with the girls but ultimately be a way to invite bacteria into your eyes, which in turn may cause you some health issues such as an infection.

3. Showering Regularly

Don’t think we’re too happy about this one, but it’s true, showering too much can make your skin and body extra dry and even cracked and flaky, and in turn, cause skin problems. And, more importantly, it makes way for microbes to penetrate better and deeper into your skin. So to be fully protected, you should only shower once a day, yes, even in the summer.

Microbes don’t care if we’re in the dead of winter or the desert of Cairo. And so shouldn’t you. If you’re going to the beach, for example, make sure to shower after so that you don’t strip your skin of its precious natural moisture. If you’ve been working out, don’t forget to shower right after to prevent bacteria from penetrating deep into your skin. Also, avoid over-exfoliating as doing so will only lead to skin irritation or even worse an allergic reaction.

4. Pets

We love cuddling up to them and smooching their cute faces, but at night, you should keep separate. Sleeping next to pets hasn’t been recommended for hygiene purposes. Even if you clean them every day and are super careful about their hygiene, they still carry a lot of bacteria on their fur.

If you are sharing the same bed, you also share the same bed bugs, and you could be putting your pet in danger. It isn’t all about you, you know… But really, pets have been known to carry a few diseases that would be quite harmful to us and cause things such as body inflammation. Some of these are staph infections, bacterial infections, parasites (gross), and a very strange but scary one: the bubonic plague. This last one concerns cats only, so if you’ve got a puppy, kudos to you!

5. Floss

Everybody neglects the floss, it is common, but here’s why you shouldn’t: you miss about 30% of areas that need to be cleaned in order for your teeth to be 100% healthy. Flossing has the same importance as brushing, why? Well, because it helps you gets rid of the rest of the bacteria and prevents any future teeth and gum diseases.

6. Our beloved pillow needs to go ASAP

Our pillows are one of the most overlooked objects in our house, we buy one really good one, and then we forget about it. Well, here is why you shouldn’t. They carry a big amount of mold, dust, and in turn, dust mites. They can move to your face and cause some skin problems, and that’s not all.

These bugs can cause an allergic reaction, which in turn makes you have respiratory problems and nasal congestion. So if you already have any underlying problems in your respiratory system, such as asthma, you should be careful about this situation.

Hence, it is recommended that you wash your pillow weekly with very high temperatures to eliminate all its bacteria. Another object that is overlooked is the TV remote. You never cleaned that, right?

It must be a warzone of bacteria, make sure to regularly clean these kinds of objects like doorknobs, your smartphones, etc.. So there you have it, a few tips on how you can do better for your health and the health of the people that surround you. Keep in mind it is necessary for public safety that everybody is aware of their personal hygiene and that they take the right measures to ensure this.

If anybody you know is reluctant or is unsure of anything, now you have a few tools to educate and help them be more aware. Making a habit of these tips will ensure your better health as germ-free as you can, without worrying about infections or health problems! Remember that germs are everywhere; we just need to make sure we don’t tag along with the wrong kind.


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