6 Surprising Habits That Can Cause Cancer

Last Updated on October 19, 2020

The “C” word! It is a scary word which people are often afraid of, often avoiding it until it eventually finds them. Many who have encountered it believe that in the end, it makes you stronger – that it brings a level of challenge which makes one a different, but better version of themselves. No, I am not talking about the word “change”. I am talking about “cancer”. We are all aware that staying out in the sun for too long and smoking many packets of cigarettes can cause us cancer, but have you ever thought about our regular, harmless habits and whether they can cause us something or not? If we ever got lung cancer after spending years smoking, of course, we would be surprised, but not as much because it was expected. However, the real shock will occur if we developed cancer, knowing that we never did anything that’s unhealthy or harmful to our bodies. We may eat healthy every day, clean our vegetables way too well, stay away from the sun, work out daily, and avoid any stressful situations. Yet, we would still be prone to developing dangerous cases of cancer. Why? Because of many harmless habits that we adopted over the years, thinking they are “normal”, but in reality, they can be extremely dangerous. It is time to be extremely aware of what we do every single day because you never know when a disease may occur and change our lives forever.


According to the founder and president of Environmental Health Trust, Devra Davis, Ph.D. MPH, there were 7 cases documented of 7 women who developed cancerous tumors in their breasts, exactly where they used to carry their cell phones for the past 10 years. She explained that the tumors have formed in the outlines of where their phones lodged. Basically, breast cancer doesn’t form in the center of the chest, but in the upper outer quadrants, and none of these cases have experienced the known breast cancers mutations. Men, on the other hand, are also at risk if they tend to put their phones in their breast pockets.


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