5 Worst Things You Should Never Do after Eating

Many people often do these things without knowing that they are such terrible habits, which can be extremely harmful to their health.

You may be eating healthy, following a balanced diet, and working out on a regular basis. But if you still do these things, it can result in eating disorders and many other health conditions or even cancers.


Here are 5 things you should never do after you eat


1. Smoke


Smoking is already bad enough, but after a meal, it’s ten times worse!

Smoking 1 cigarette after eating is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes at once.Cigarettes include at least 60 carcinogens and are already deadly enough.

It is wise to wait a few hours after eating and then smoke a cigarette because the nicotine in your cigarette binds to the excess oxygen necessary for digestion, allowing your body to take in more carcinogens than it normally does.

2. Drink tea


It was proven scientifically that drinking tea right after a meal can interfere with your body’s absorption of iron and may decrease it by 87%.

Tea consists of a tannic acid which binds to iron and protein in our food.

Iron deficiency can cause anemia which results in poor appetite, pale skin, weakness, dizziness, and cold hand and feet.

3. Eat before sleep

eat sleep

Do not sleep immediately after eating!

When you lie down, many digestive juices travel in opposite directions and into your food pipe, which results in corroding the inner layer, giving you that burning sensation.

Besides heartburn, it can also cause you to experience bloating and discomfort.

You can do anything else like watching TV, chatting, playing with your pet, and wait a couple of hours before sleeping, allowing your food to digest properly.

4. Take a shower


Taking a shower immediately after eating reduces blood flow to your stomach, thus worsens digestion.

Digestion requires a lot of energy and blood flow in your body, so when you take a hot shower, blood flows towards your skin to release off the heat, making it hard to digest. As well as it leads to stomach pain.

You should ideally wait 30 min after eating in order to take a bath.

5. Eat fruits

Eat fruits

Fruit acid aggravates the digestive tract.Fruits are such a healthy food with nutrition facts, including antioxidants and vitamins. They are often included in a balanced diet and recommended by expert dieticians.

However, what nutrition programs neglect is the fact that eating fruits right after any meal can be very harmful.

Fruits are the easiest to digest, taking only 20 min to travel from your stomach to intestines.

So when you eat one or more fruits right after a meal, it simply gets stuck with other food not being on time in the intestines, thus getting spoiled and ruining the food too.


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