5 Simple Food Swaps That Will Make You Healthier Immediately

We have always been told that being healthier means changing all of our habits, exercise more, and consume more green vegetables, which is still correct.

But we understand that it is extremely difficult to change it overnight. Plus, that method of changing it overnight rarely works, especially if you are used to eating whatever comes to your mind at any time.

There are a few simple, basic nutrition tricks and some tweaks that can make your goal of becoming healthy a lot easier. After all, we know all of that fast food, chips, and candies will not do us any favor, especially that we are not getting any younger anymore.

Being healthy has to be the new trend of this generation, and that’s why we have figured out some simple changes you could add to your eating habits from now on, and you will see how easier it will become. So don’t hesitate to start tonight!

5 Simple Food Swaps That Will Make You Healthier Immediately© Pinterest

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#1 – Grains!

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Grains© eatingwell

Swap Out: Refined Grains.

Swap In: Whole Grains.

According to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, half of the total grains we consume daily must come from whole grains, and it makes sense. People who eat whole grains tend to have a lower risk of heart disease and they are leaner.

Whole grains contain more B vitamins, fiber, magnesium, and many other important nutrients. However, buying whole grains can be tricky because you may get fooled easily.

Any crackers or bread that are labeled Stone-ground, 100% wheat or multi-grain can actually look healthy, but most of it is made of refined white flour. So make sure you check out the whole ingredients before you add the product to your cart.

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#2 – The seasonings!

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The seasonings© eatingwell

Swap Out: Salt.

Swap In: Spices and herbs.

It is extremely important to watch your sodium, even if you don’t suffer from high blood pressure. But the problem is we love how tastier our meals become after adding the salt, right?

Well, the recommended daily salt intake is one teaspoon (2,300 mg), but we know that’s not going to be enough. That’s why we have the best replacement, and it is chopped up herbs that have to be fresh or spices.

They will definitely help the transition of lower-salt cooking by waking up other great flavors. As long as they are labeled with “salt-free”, you would be fine. If you are not ready to give up the salt just yet, then don’t add it to the meal until it is served because a little salt on cooked meals can go a long way!

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#3 – Salmon!

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Salmon© eatingwell

Swap Out: Farmed Atlantic salmon.

Swap In: Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon.

Let’s play a quick would you rather game to help you decide which Salmon you’d rather eat:

Would you rather eat a salmon that has been born and raised in the fish farm, where it ate an only high-fat diet that was designed to produce more meat? Or, eat a salmon that was born in the wild, happily swimming in the Alaskan waters, eating nothing but natural foods?

We may all agree that our bodies would mostly prefer the salmon that was feeding on nothing but natural, healthy things. They are heart-healthy, serve the high amount of omega-3s, and contain fewer calories. Plus, they have fewer contaminants and pollutants. So, did you pick wisely?

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#4 – Meat!

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Meat© eatingwell

Swap Out: Processed Meats.

Swap In: Lean Meats and Plant-Based Protein.

Do you remember the mystery-meat lunches that we used to eat in the school cafeteria? We probably didn’t know many things back then, but we had a feeling that we are not eating something beneficial, and research confirmed it.

The World Health Organization gave a serious warning in 2015: eating processed meats like sausage, hot dogs, bologna, corned beef, and bacon can lead to colon cancer. It is also linked to prostate and pancreatic cancer.

However, we are not saying you should cut it out completely, but decreasing the amounts you are consuming is important. Try to sneak in more lean meats and plant-based proteins like peanut butter, hummus, and black beans because they are lower in calories and high in fiber.

And side note, not only you will reduce your risks of heart disease, but you will also protect your bank account (they are cheaper).

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#5 – Chocolate!

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Chocolate© eatingwell

Swap Out: Milk Chocolate.

Swap In: Dark Chocolate.

There may be nothing that can satisfy our sweet tooth and starving hearts but some sweet, milk chocolate that can melt all of our troubles away. But since we want to achieve the goal of being healthier, then the best option is dark chocolate.

According to many research, dark chocolate is actually very healthy: It can lower our blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve our heart health. There are also other studies that found out dark chocolate can actually help with diabetes since it increases sensitivity to insulin.

We can keep going on and on about the benefits of dark chocolate, and the conclusion is easy: It will still satisfy your sweet tooth, it doesn’t taste that bad, and it will boost your health drastically!

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