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5 Shocking Facts You Need To Know About Chocolate

5 Shocking Facts You Need To Know About chocolate

5 Shocking Facts You Need To Know About chocolate©

If you are like me, a fan of the sweet stuff, then you are probably a chocolate lover. It is always your favorite nutrient when you are seeking some extra energy or relaxation. It tastes wonderful, I know!

But that dark, velvety, crunchy piece of chocolate that makes your mouth water and indulge all your senses is far darker and harder than you have ever thought.
Wanna find out the bitter truth about those pieces of chocolate you maniac?

Steel your nerves and click on Next page to discover the secrets behind the real chocolate world!

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Eat Lead!

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The taste of that piece of chocolate you are passionately and mindfully appreciating while it’s seductively melting in your mouth contains higher amounts of lead. Don’t panic, yet, the story is just getting started!

Surprisingly, the shells of cocoa beans, which are considered to be the chief ingredient in chocolate, found to have a great ability to absorb lead from the air. So far so good, right!

You would think that you are safe as the amount of lead found in chocolate depends on the amount of lead existing on the air, which means that the less amount of lead on the air, the safer are the pieces of chocolate you are sensuously mumbling.

No intention to disappoint you but, unfortunately, a shitload of our cocoa is imported from Nigeria, which is widely known for its leaded environment. Well, it happens that lead occurs not only in the chocolate bars you are daily consuming but also in everything else, even wholesome vegetables and grain.

Of course, There is no need to remind you how dangerous is lead as you must be aware of what this poison is capable of doing to your health. But did you know that only an average chocolate bar is ranked in the fourth position for being among the foods with higher levels of lead?

Oh, yes, and that’s not all. It doesn’t really matter how little or how much amount of lead to which your body is exposed because in both cases it is harmful. Even worse, the way this poison affects you is totally not the way it affects your little significant ones.

According to many studies, unlike adults, infants and children absorb a higher concentration of lead into their system even before grabbing that piece of chocolate in their little hands. The latter fact is because of their daily activities and adventures, including eating dirt, inhaling paint chips, and a lot more.

Another reason is that they can breathe faster than adults, which means that they are first to breathe in whatever lead floating in the air. This takes us back to what we have said at the very beginning, chocolate is not the only source of lead but many other factors.

But for young obese people, according to another study, a higher amount of lead has been detected, which even exceeds the allowed international standards, because of their daily consumption of a bag of M&M’s.

While another study exposes that chocolate powder alone might provide an American kid with 3 to 12 of the allowed intake of lead in one serving.

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Destroying Mother Nature And Dealing With Dictators

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That sweet piece of chocolate might just taste bitter from now on. If you are among those who always Have a break, and have a Kit-Kat, then you should probably stop this habit! Greenpeace, an environmental group, wanted Nestle to stop supporting rainforest-killing companies.

Therefore called for international attention via a commercial in which they tried to illustrate their idea. The video which was widely viewed on youtube showed that Kit-Kat is actually made of monkey fingers.

Of course, this is not true but it was a smart way to address the issue and make so many chocolate companies phase out their business dealings in Malaysia and Indonesia and even stop using palm oil.

The latter is an ingredient used in chocolate to replace cocoa butter and it is produced via the destruction of vast amounts of rainforest, which threatens the endangering Sumatran tigers, orangutans, and rhinoceroses.

That’s in addition to damaging the whole environment and causing the release of tons of carbon into the air we breath. These plantations were not only accused of destroying mother nature but also of committing brutal human rights violations, such as stealing lands, using slaves, and even murdering.


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Ridiculous Lies About Health Benefits

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Okay, let’s face it. You have been fooled all these years making you believe stupid and ridiculous lies about health benefits of chocolate. In fact, these business industries care not about your welfare but about their own revenues and benefits. A good example is Milton Hershey, an American confectioner, whose chocolate company was seen as a mere confectionary.

Milton hated this fact and tried acting smart. So, he covered his chocolate bar with a stupid statement through which he hoped to fool people saying that consuming an ounce of chocolate can boost your energy much better than a pound of meat can.

That’s not all, he even asked the Supreme court to officially make chocolate a food.Since he had no evidence, his request was rejected. If you are questioning how true is the statement of Milton, then it’s good to know that it is no more than one dark side of the chocolate world.

Another example is that of National Confectioners association who brought another lie to the world saying that candy can help you shed extra weight and save your tooth from decay. This sounds Crazy but its marketing!

These are only a few examples that show how the public health is taken for granted in the world of business.

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The Mars Family Is Totally Insane

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© Wall Street Journa

Did you know that Mars is the biggest chocolate company on the entire planet? It is really insane how the company started from the scratch to become the biggest and most successful one in the world. It was first established by Franc C.Mars who started selling sugar-coated twigs to schoolchildren.

Later and after his reunion with his son Forrest, Frank sent Forrest to Europe in order to expand the business. Frank passed away and Forrest opened a very small one-room factory in which he stumbled upon the innovation of the candy-coated chocolates with the aid of Hershey guy, whose full name is Bruce Murrie.

Forrest offered Bruce Murrie partnership and even suggested putting his name on the successful and famous candy-coated chocolates known today as M&M’s.

When Forrest had everything he wanted from Bruce Murrie or rather Hershey and achieved the fame and the success he always yearned for. He started mistreating his partner until he dissolved the partnership.

In his lifetime, Forrest was known to be very mean and ungenerous to the extent that not even his own kids were allowed to eat not one single M&M. He was also known to be a perfectionist, which means that any improperly wrapped piece of chocolate ends up on the factory floor or thrown straight into the garbage.

Blame the genetics or something else, this craziness continues in The Mars Family to this very day. Millions of M&M’s are to be thrown in the garbage if they don’t look perfect, including that M symbol.

Need to know more surprising facts about the Mars company? The latter refuses to share its financial records with their bankers and prefer to keep it secret!


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Chocolate World Is Far Dirty Than What You Might Think

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Chocolate companies like many other tech-related industries rely on secret technology via which they can have a superiority over the other chocolate companies. In this world of chocolate, fame, success, and money are what matters most. Some companies like Nestle and Rowntree used to send spies to work on other companies and steal their trade secrets.

Remember Forrest Mars when he first went to Europe to build his chocolate empire. He worked first with Toblerone and then with Nestle. He learned a great deal of very important things, one of these things is to never trust the outsiders or let them into the factory.

So, even when Forrest had visiting workers, he would force them to enter and leave the factory blindfolded. That’s only to tell you that in such a world of chocolate, there is no place for morals. It is all about you betray me, I‘ll betray you too and even if you don’t I will always do. This is really crazy, isn’t it!

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