21 Successful Ways to Get You Out of Stress

21 Successful Ways to Get You Out of Stress

Stress can sometimes be beneficial to boost drive and energy, which people need, to get through difficult situations. However, it can be seriously harmful in higher levels.

Untreated excessive or chronic stress can lead to severe health conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety, muscle pain, a weakened immune system, and high blood pressure.

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Research has shown that stress can also help develop some major illnesses, including obesity, depression, and heart disease.

Finding healthy and positive ways to manage stress as soon as it occurs can help prevent many terrible health consequences.

Everyone is different and so are the methods they choose to follow in order to manage their stress.

Here are 21 ways to help you manage every stressful situation

Stress tip #1 Know Your Factors


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This is the first biggest step towards reducing stress.

Identify every possible stressor in your daily life and plan on how to deal with them better next time.

You may consider starting a stress journal or list containing the causes of stress, your feelings towards them, your reactions, and how to make yourself feel better.


Stress tip #2 Have a Stress Meter


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Being aware of your own stress meter means the ability to clearly identify what makes you stressful and know when to step back and how to cool down.

This will help you deal better with stressful situations, especially if they’re frequent.

Stress tip #3 Take Control

Take Control1

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You should focus on controlling your own situation instead of trying to control everybody else.

Other people’s behavior is particularly beyond control, so just stop stressing over others and concentrate on the stuff you can control like the way you react to your problems.


Stress tip #4 Priorities

Priorities 1


Gain perspective on things by asking yourself: How important is the issue?

Plan everything. Get to decide what really matters now and what can wait.

You can write it down, draw it, or imagine it. Getting the things you should do organized will help you relax more and stress less.

Stress tip #5 Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget1


Forgive everyone, don’t hold grudges, be tolerant, and remember that not everybody is as capable as you are.

Accept this world’s imperfections and let go of all the anger and negativity, so you can move on.

And most of all, don’t forget to forgive and love yourself first.


Stress tip #6 Say: “No!”

Say No1

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No is not a bad word! You need to learn to use it without feeling a bit guilty.

Saying no when you need to say it will allow you to better know and set your limits, so you never push your soul beyond what it can bear.

Know the difference between should and must. Take it easy on yourself.

Stress tip #7 Connect to Others

Connect to Others1

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Building up relationships will also help you connect to yourself better.

Go out or watch a movie with a friend, visit a family member or an old friend, meet new people, or even volunteer.

Surround yourself with positive people and true friends whom you can always turn to whenever you’re overwhelmed by stress.



Stress tip #8 Have some Me-Time

Have some Me-Time1

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It’s during the most difficult periods in your life when you most need to care for yourself.

Self-care is necessary in such hard times, you should consider any littlest thing that can make your feel better and more relaxed and just start doing it, every day, until things ease up.

You may even create a list of stress-reducing rituals to include rest and relaxation in your daily schedule.

Always take time for yourself, at least 30 minutes per day.

Stress tip #9 Be Healthy

Be Healthy

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Try to maintain your inner serenity by sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

You should provide your body with a healthy diet including lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and plenty of water.

Make sure to reduce your sugar and caffeine daily intake so you can prevent mood swings and feel more relaxed. Not to mention getting enough sleep, as tiredness will increase your stress levels.

Simply give your body the best so it can perform at its best.


Stress tip #10 Sleep Well

Sleep Well1

Improving your sleep will eventually boost your body’s capacity of managing stress.

Sleep well with a firm mattress and a supportive pillow. Try to sleep and wake up at the same hour every day.

For better sleep, don’t overheat yourself and allow plenty of ventilation into your bedroom.

Stress tip #11 Exercise


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Although you might not feel like you want to do any physical activity, don’t think about it, just get out and get moving!

Exercise will release the feel-good chemical in your brain and keep you distracted from your daily anxiety.

There are many ways to get yourself moving, such as dancing, walking your dog, playing an activity-based video game, or even using the stairs instead of the elevator.
Whatever you choose to do, make sure you get regular exercise for about 30 minutes.


Stress tip #12 No Smoking, Drugs, or Drinks

No Smoking1

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Limit alcohol, drugs and other stimulants because they can negatively affect your perception and behavior.

Remember that the relief you get after using alcohol or drugs is only temporary. Don’t avoid the problem, dare to face it with a clear mind.

Allow your mind to develop its ability to prevent or cope with stress.

Stress tip #13 Manage Your Budget

Manage Your Budget1

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Managing your money will reduce the stress over financial insecurities.

Manage your money well, seek professional advice and try to save at least 10% of what you earn.

Being and feeling financially secure can help you feel generally more relaxed.


Stress tip #14 Spoil Yourself

Spoil Yourself1

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Everyone loves to be spoiled from time to time.

Treat yourself to some most relaxing activities, such as a weekly massage, a lovely dinner out, or to the movies.

Moderation is the key.

Stress tip #15 Travel


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Grab your backpack and hit your favorite space, enjoy the landscapes and breathe deeply.

You can make a nearby escape every weekend or plan some big nice holidays once or twice a year, depending on your budget.


Stress tip #16 Yearly Goal Setting

Yearly Goal Setting1

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Plan what you want to achieve based on your priorities in career or relationships.

Having a more or less clear view of what you want to do and how to do it will reduce the stress over future plans.

Stress tip #17 Be Positive

Be Positive1

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Keep a positive attitude. Think positive, live positive, and react positively.
Positivity always attracts more positivity.

Moreover, your inner vibes will eventually influence outcomes as well as the way you look and the way others treat you.


Stress tip #18 Be Understanding

Be Understanding1

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Try to understand things from the other person’s point of view as well. Never judge too soon or based on unverified facts.

It’s only fair for yourself as well as the other person to calm down and learn to see things with objectivity and a little bit of wisdom.

Stress tip #19 Hugs and Kisses and Laughter

Hugs and Kisses and Laughter1

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Hugs, kisses, and laughter are the best medicines.

Have fun, enjoy every moment as it is, and stop over thinking everything.

Embrace a more positive attitude in dealing with people around you and don’t be afraid to share your feelings clearly and bravely.

Enjoy the company of your family, friends, partner, or pets. Hug them, kiss them, and laugh it all out.


Stress tip #20 Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy1

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Worry less! It really does get nothing done any better or quicker.

Whenever you start to worry, try to immediately do something else to distract your rushing thoughts.

Either think about how to end the problem or don’t think at all.

Stress tip #21 Celebrate life!

Celebrate life1

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Each day is a gift. Live each day as it comes and enjoy the joyful magic of the little things in life.

Keep smiling and be thankful that you exist.

Remember that whatever you’re stressing about is really not worth it.


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