12 Ways Clutter Can Ruin Your Life!

Last Updated on January 18, 2021

Many studies show how clutter affects your life, and we have to say that it is not looking good for all the hoarders out there. Everyone likes to have stuff, and it is normal to a certain amount. However, if you start cluttering your house, it will have an unforeseen effect on many aspects of your life. Here is a list of all the ways clutter can affect your life!

1. Clutter Will Increase Your Stress Levels

Having a lot of clutter will affect your home environment because you will look around and see a lot of unfinished projects laying around. This will affect your mood and make you feel more fatigued and depressed, contributing to an increase in your cortisol levels, which will result in stress. The spaces you inhabit have power over how you feel, and if your home is causing you to be stressed, maybe it is time to get rid of clutter and to turn your house into a sanctuary that is both restorative and restful.

2. Clutter Can Ruin Your Diet

A study has found a correlation between tidy houses and healthy diets. People who like to keep their homes decluttered will choose healthier snacks than the ones who enjoy the mess. This happens because cluttering leads to stress, and one of the ways your brain will cope with stress is by choosing comfort foods instead of healthy ones. Solution? Call the cleaning services, and while they are organizing your home for you, hit the gym.

3. Clutter Can Result In Respiratory Issues

Clutter can lead to health problems, such as respiratory issues because cluttered homes will obviously have more dust. As a result, you can start experiencing breathing problems, or amplifying the ones you already have, creating a paradise to all dust mites. And if you have a hoarding disorder so serious that it is already hard to reach certain parts of your home, this problem will only get worse.

4. Clutter Can Be Quite Unsafe

Excessive amounts of cluttering can be quite hazardous, especially for people who use cardboard boxes as clutter storage, for example. Not only do cardboard boxes block doorways and windows when piled up, they always burn super quickly, which can make a fire spread quickly.


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