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11 Habits That Will Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the most important thing to be concerned about, whether you want to improve your health or lose weight. It highly influences the way your body cells are provided with nutrients and energy.


We have made this list of good habits to help you boost your metabolism, for a healthier life.


#11 – Schedule your meals


The way your body deals with your eating time is actually smart ! It expects food at a certain time, so it uses almost all its energy by this time, assuming that it will take in more energy soon.

But if you have a random meals schedule, your body will eventually store energy, because it’s not sure when it’s getting any new one. It is better to eat every 3 or 4 hours, so that your body can use all of its energy.

#10 – Drink more liquids


Enough liquids per day contributes to good metabolism. When you don’t drink enough water, you burn less calories because you liver is working on restoring water supply and not paying attention to burning fat. This is the reason why you should drink more ! Not only water, drink tea and other fluids too. Green tea can help to fulfill your daily hydration needs.

#9 – Dairy is your friend


Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and butter, contain a lot of essential nutrients that help burn fat and build muscles. The calcium in dairy plays a symbolic role in metabolism, the more calcium into fatty cells, the more fat is going to be burned.

#8 – Be physically active


All various physical activities contribute to speed up your metabolism, be it jogging, walking, exercising or walking. However, strength workouts are best, because they promote faster growth of muscular tissue, which makes our muscles require energy even when you are resting. So the best way to a faster metabolism is through regular strength workout.

#7 – Wake up early


The shiny sunlight also has an impact on your metabolism. The morning sun can help your body coordinate its biological processes, which depend on the alteration of day and night. The thing that is vital to your energy consumption.

#6 – Don’t cut out carbs


Don’t bother yourself with diets that totally neglect carbohydrates. Your body requires sufficient levels of carbs, in order to properly synthesize serotonin. Any lack of carbs might have a negative effect on your brain activity as it is also stressful for your body. A diet without carbs will make you lose weight, but due to loss of liquids and not fat !

#5 – No snacking


If you really love sandwiches, chips or sweets, you should acknowledge the fact that your constant snacking is slowing down your metabolism. The energy obtained from food can usually last for 3 or 4 hours, and then your body starts consuming its proper energy by burning its own fat. Frequent snacks prevent your body from burning fat, and that’s how more weight is gained.

#4 – Use iodized salt


The current trending sea salt, is definitely not a supplement for good iodized salt. An insufficiency of iodine affects your thyroid in many unfavorable ways, the thing that has a negative impact on your metabolism.

#3 – Eat organic


Any nonorganic product is abviously made with different additives, while animals are being fed with antibiotics and growth hormones, and plants are grown with pesticides and synthetic mineral fertilizers. Nonorganic sounds really awful ! So bad, yet so true. You must be wise and try to eat organic.

#2 – Keep your iron level up


When you’re not fulfilling you body’s need of iron, it leads your muscles to lack oxygen, which undermines your health. The way to provide yourself with sufficient iron, is to include more meat, fish and apples to your diet.

#1 – Stop stressing


The majority of metabolism problems have something to do with your inability to handle stress. When you are stressed, your thyroid slows down your metabolism, which leads to gaining more weight. Try to avoid stressful situations, or find suitable relaxing ways to cope with and overcome stress.


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