10 of The Most Harmful Health Habits You Need to Break Now

10 of The Most Harmful Health Habits You Need to Break Now

10 of The Most Harmful Health Habits You Need to Break Now© Pinterest

There is a famous old wisdom saying that health is so much like money, you don’t really appreciate its value until you lose it!

So, since health is the greatest wealth and your body is the most priceless possession you have, make sure you take good care of it and quit all the bad, harmful habits that prevent you from enjoying a happy and healthy life!

No matter what kind of bad habits you are addicted to, it is never too late to quit and reverse the course.

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#10 – Eating Too Much Fast Food


Eating Too Much Fast Food
© Pinterest

Why is fast food dangerous? Even though we all know that fast food is not healthy, we don’t say ’’ No’’ when it’s offered. Eating it from time to time is totally okay but making its consumption your most favorite habit is really dangerous!

Those cheesy, yummy double cheeseburgers, salty fries, and oversized soft drinks can cause obesity issues, especially, around the waistline along with other serious health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes.

In addition to all this, eating too much of fast food can lead to an increase of the bad cholesterol levels and blood fats, which in return cause the hardening of the arteries, inflammation, and eventually a build-up of fatty plaque in artery walls.

No one can deny that fast food is super cheap and undeniably tasty but it is definitely not healthy. Switching to a healthy lifestyle and consuming a healthy nutrition can bring huge changed to your overall health and appearance, including your skin, hair, mind, and body.

Quitting this bad habit will also help you to save more money as you will be preparing your own meals instead of eating out all the time.

How To reverse this bad habit :

– Don’t cut back all at once! Instead, go step by step until you reach your goal.The smart thing to do is to start reducing the amount of fast food you are taking little by little!

– Switch to a healthy diet. Replace all the unhealthy fats with valuable and healthy nutrients.

– Instead of stopping by those most famous fast food restaurant, visit the grocery stores where you can find healthy prepared meals!


#9 – Being A Couch Potato


Being A Couch Potato© The Sun

Another bad habit you need to stop doing now is sitting for prolonged hours in front of the television. This bad habit will turn you into a couch potato. You will become a lazy and a passive person who might develop several health problems, including obesity and type 2 diabetes.

One study exposes that people who watch TV for more than 2 hours eat more than those who watch less. According to the same study, more than 9,000 participants were found to snack on high-fat and high-calorie foods while watching TV.

To stop this bad habit, you can replace it with meaningful activities such as going out for a walk with friends, spend more time outdoors exercising on the fresh air, spend time doing an old hobby and so on and so forth!

We are not saying you shouldn’t watch TV at all, but what we are saying is to practice moderation and make your life more active and busy! Create a certain balance in your life. Divide your time wisely and be ready to welcome a better version of you!

So, instead of spending all your days next to that useless screen, go out, socialize with people, do sport and increase your self-confidence!

How To Reverse this bad Habit:

– Always Follow the 2/30 rule: This rule is about spending less than 2 hours in front of the television and exercising at least 30 minutes every single day!

– Don’t channel surf: This means that you shouldn’t turn Tv and keep hopping from one channel into another for no reason. If you have something interesting and specific to watch turn that tv on, if not then you’d better do something healthy.

– Exercise while you are actually watching : We don’t mean by exercising the heavy workout but the sit-ups, pushups, and if you have a treadmill bring to the room. It’s even better!

– Don’t stay home the whole day instead of going out a lot, meet your friends and do more of the interesting things.


#8 – Snacking Even When You’re Not hungry


Snacking Even When You’re Not hungry© Pinterest

One of the most dangerous habits, we all have done in the past or we are still doing now in the present time is overeating! Eating while you are actually full can lead to many unwanted consequences that can affect both your health and appearance.

Whether you are snacking on healthy food items or unhealthy ones, overeating is definitely a harmful habit that needs to be stopped. It will lead you to carry extra pounds and flood your body with unnecessary food!

However, if you have the will and the determination to quit, you can fix this bad eating habit and replace it with better and healthier one. At least when you feel like snacking on something, try to avoid, the high calories and bad fats and opt for healthy snacks that will help you boost your nutrition, stimulate your energy, and help you lose body fat!

How To Reverse the Habit:

– Don’t eat if your body doesn’t ask you for it ! this means that you shouldn’t east just for the sake of eating or because it’s a daily routine and you feel like doing it!

– Don’t wait until you are stuffed to stop eating.

– Make sure you are eating because you are hungry and not because you are feeling bored, stressed or anxious!

– Practice mindfulness. Take time to taste every single bite you take!

– Avoid junk food or fast food and replace it with real, healthy food. Make sure your dishes are colorful with fresh and healthy vegetables and fresh fruits.


#7 – Smoking


Smoking© LinkedIn

We all know how unhealthy is smoking and how dangerous are its consequences, right?

Unfortunately, it is one of the most popular harmful habits on earth. It causes debilitating diseases such as heart disease, cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer and other common health issues, including, severe asthma attacks, breathing difficulties, strokes, and heart attacks.

Never say it is too late to reverse as quitting smoking can have immediate health benefits. Your harmed organs such as the lungs and cardiovascular system will start to repair themselves and restore their health state.

One month is all the time your organs need to start working better again and you will certainly notice a great improvement in your overall health.For instance, your skin will look younger, you will cough less, and feel more energetic.

How To Reverse this bad Habit:

– To quit smoking is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it is really challenging but not impossible! Make a plan and expect the road to be tough.

– Seek your doctor’s advice as he might help you a lot in this matter!

– Be strong, patient, and have the determination to continue no matter how tough things get!


#6 – Overspending Your Way into Debt


Overspending Your Way into Debt© Getty Images

We all have money worries, especially, at the beginning of each and every month. You feel like you are chained by the bills you have to pay, the taxes, and many other charges!

Be sure that you are definitely not the only one going through this! Therefore, there is no need to stress over it and drown into depression and anxiety. Financial stress and money worries will not change the situation but it will surely make it worse.

According to a study conducted by Rutgers University in the form of a telephone survey, participants said that financial stress caused them high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, headaches, digestion problems, weight gain, and the list is way too long!

No matter how tough your financial situation is, try your hardest not to fall on debts as this will only ruin the health of your mind and body.

How To Reverse this bad Habit:

– Learn to manage your money and educate yourself on the basic rules and methods concerning personnel finance-for credit cards, mortgages, budgeting, and investing.

– Create a budget and plan how much money you need to spend on what!

– Don’t let the bills accumulate, at least pay the monthly minimum of your bills.


#5 – Drinking Too Much


Drinking Too Much©

Drinking too much is unhealthy and can lead to serious health issues. In fact, both male and female who are excessively consuming more than three drinks of alcohol a day are more prone to develop liver issues, different types of cancer, high blood pressure, and depression. In addition to other health complications such as memory loss, brittle bones, and much more!

Quitting this bad habit can boost your overall health and improve the function of your digestive system. In the beginning, you can start with reducing your alcohol intakes until you are able to stop completely!

How To Reverse this bad Habit:

– Moderation is the key.

– Acknowledge your addiction and don’t hesitate to seek your doctor’s help!


#4 – Feeling Stressed


Feeling Stressed© shutterstock

Stress is your biggest enemy. It can completely destroy your health and life too! The stress hormones can increase your blood pressure, lower the vitality of your immunity system, create digestion issues, and above all make you lose your self-esteem and self-confidence.

That’s in addition to putting you at higher risk of gaining more weight and overrating the high fat, which in return make you more prone to diabetes.

Working on reducing your stress levels can help you boost your immunity fast, regulate your blood sugar, and might even protect your heart. Above all, you will regain your sense of joy and well be!

How To Reverse this bad Habit:

– Avoid stress as much as you can and learn how you manage it.

– Practice yoga, meditation, and deep breathing.This can do wonders and make you feel relieved!

– Avoid pessimism and be more optimistic about life.

– Do something you love, a hobby, for instance, and enjoy doing it!

– Stop making a fuss and take it easy!


#3 – Sunbathing without using protection


Sunbathing without using protection© Dailymotion

We all desperately waiting for the summer to finally get some vitamin D and enjoy the kisses of the yellow warm light. It is really tempting to have that golden-bronzed body, however, not using the right protection can lead to other health consequences.

Your skin is the most affected organ in the body. The sun will destroy its elastic fibers, which will speed the process of aging. Therefore, skin problems such as earlier wrinkles, blotches, and discoloration will appear!

When you sunburn instead of sunbath, you are literally putting yourself at the risk of developing skin cancer and causing some damages that can never be repaired.

If you are a sun lover, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen every time you are willing to sunbath and make sure to reapply it after each and every 2 hours and when you come out of the water.

How To Reverse This bad Habit:

– Schedule an annual skin check by a dermatologist just to make sure you are developing no skin complications.

– Always use protection. Wear your sunscreen with high SPF, avoid sitting under the sun for prolonged hours and stick to the shade. Don’t forget to wear your hat and sunglasses.


#2 – Not Taking Breakfast


Not Taking Breakfast© Odyssey

Most of the people think that it’s okay to skip breakfast. The truth is breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and skipping it can lead to serious and dangerous consequences that will affect your weight, energy, and even the levels of your blood sugar.

It is easy to skip this habit and start a breakfast healthy routine. It is all about your determination! Try to wake up a little bit earlier in order to find enough time to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Always include fruits, whole grain food items in your breakfast so that you provide your body with the fuel needed to maintain it’s energy during the day.

How To Reverse this bad Habit:

– Not feeling hungry? Wait 1 hour until you are ready to eat.

– Prepare breakfast with foods you like. This way you will guarantee that you will eat it!

– Always short on time? Make a portable breakfast sandwich and don’t forget to take a fruit too, an apple or a banana would be just perfect.

– Have fresh, healthy drinks and smoothies!


#1 – Excessively Taking Pain Killers and Sedatives


Excessively Taking Pain Killers and Sedatives©

Some people have the habit or let’s say the addiction to painkillers and sedatives. Whenever they feel pain, they don’t hesitate to run towards the drogue store and buy those medicines that can take the pain away!

All aspirins, including, ibuprofen or aspirin have the power to put your life at higher risk of developing ulcers as well as gastrointestinal bleeding issues, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

However, there are many other ways and strategies you can use to ease the pain and feel much better. For instance, you can cut back on this habit by reducing the pills intake and step by step, you will see how you are not only decreasing the intake but also their side effects! All you need is a little support to make this happen! This also applies to calming pills.

How To Reverse this bad Habit:

– Use acetaminophen for chronic pain instead of other pills. This will keep you safe from stomach irritations and higher blood pressure.

– Try other pain-relief strategies such as exercise and stress relief.

– Avoid calming pills as they would just turn you into a moody and lazy person.

– If you can’t stop, speak about it with your family, friends, and why not seek your doctor’s help!



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