10 Diet Foods You Think Are Healthy But Really Aren’t

Have you ever dared to take some couple of minutes and ask yourself about how healthy is the diet you eat ? Well, if you didn’t, then, now it’s the perfect time to ask this question!

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Thanks to big companies advertising their products as healthy, people are really confused and fail to determine what foods that are truly nourishing and healthy! This means, that you might think that you are eating healthy foods while in reality, you’re only eating foods loaded with sugar, pesticides and other harmful toxins.

10 Diet Foods You Think Are Healthy But Really Aren’t© Pinterest

Here are 10 foods that you might think healthy but actually aren’t! To read on, don’t hesitate to click on NEXT!

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#1 – Rice Cakes

Rice Cakes© Báo Mới

Many people love rice cakes and find it hard to resist them. They also think that rice cakes are very healthy, nourishing, and satisfying! But the truth is that rice cakes are basically crunchy calories made of refined grains that offer neither nutrition nor satisfaction.

According to the Best Health magazine, rice cakes are containing higher amounts of flavorings that are full of sugar, sodium, or a combination of the two unhealthy substances.

#2 – Bottled Fruit or veggie Smoothie

Bottled Fruit or veggie Smoothie© Choosingchia

Unfortunately, Americans don’t get enough of these healthy foods and rarely include them in their diets, reported the Today Show.

Veggies and fruits are not only providing your body with all the essential vitamins and vital nutrients it needs but also improves your overall health, skin, and physical appearance. Hence, including them in your daily nutrition is a very healthy and necessary choice.

However, opting for bottled smoothies is definitely not a healthy choice as you might think! Bottled smoothies are loaded with tons of sugar, added fat, and can make you gain unnecessary calories, reported the Women’s Health Magazine.

The best thing to do is to cut fresh veggies or fruits of your choice into pieces and then toss them in a blender and enjoy!

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#3 – Oatmeal

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No one can deny that whole grain oats can be a yummy and healthy morning meal or snack, But when healthy oats are replaced with those instant oatmeal sachets, then, be sure that you are definitely not providing your body with nourishing and healthy foods.

According to Prevention, including oats that are loaded with additives like brown sugar, maple syrup, extra sodium, and empty calories in the everyday diet are nothing but an unhealthy choice that should be debunked!

#4 – Flavored Yogurts

Flavored Yogurts© wikiHow

We all love yogurt and appreciate the benefits it provide us with but sadly flavored yogurts are not the best choice! It’s true that it might have all those live and active cultures we seek but this doesn’t mean that it’s what we should include in our daily diet!

Flavored yogurt comes packed with tons of sugar and flavors. Hence, the wisest thing to do is replace it with plain or Greek yogurt. However, if you want it to taste sweeter, then, you can add a drizzle of honey or some fresh healthy fruits, according to Fitness Magazine.

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#5 – Fat-Free Salad Dressings

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Fat-Free Salad Dressings© Pinterest

Vegetables are loading with important and healthy nutrients but serving them with fat-free dressings might not be a great idea! In fact, according to WebMD, your body requires fat to be able to absorb those vital nutrients and benefit from them.

For instance, both Lycopene and beta are two important and powerful antioxidants that your body cannot absorb without fat. Thus, you’d better skip the fat-free vinaigrette and opt for healthy fats and one of the best dressings is that of olive oil, added Fitness Magazine.

#6 – Trail Mixes and granola

Trail Mixes and granola© Live Simply

Trail mixes and granola are quite irresistible and undeniably delicious but what you might not know is that they can be packed with too many calories and that’s in addition to the extra sugar found in candies and chocolate chips.

This means that you should equally pay attention to the fat, refined grain, and also the sugar-packed add-ins that are common in sesame sticks and some dried fruits.

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#7 – Deli Turkey Sandwiches

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Deli Turkey Sandwiches© Pinterest

Deli Sandwiches are yummy and it’s really hard for one to resist taking a bite. However, these seemingly healthy sandwiches can be highly packed with sodium, nitrates and even other preservatives! Hence, we strongly recommend that you opt for lean and fresh proteins over deli meat!

#8 – Canned Soups and Veggies

Canned Soups and Veggies© Milliyet

You constantly hear about how healthy it is to include veggies in your life and that’s because they are healthy foods that can provide your body with many nutrients and vitamins.

However, purchasing that canned soup and veggies that you come to spot in the grocery store is not a good idea! Canned veggies and soups are in fact packed with extra amounts of sodium.

Instead, opt for fresh vegetables or even frozen ones as they don’t pack excessive sodium amounts and are a healthier choice.

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#9 – Frozen meals

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Frozen meals© Twipu

Unlike the frozen veggies, ready –to- eat meals are not a healthy choice as they are highly packed with large amounts of sodium and preservatives!

Instead, you can just steam some rice and veggies and why not cook up some lean protein and then keep them in the fridge so that you can reach them when you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to cook!

#10 – Veggie-Flavored pasta

Veggie-Flavored pasta© Magazín

Let’s admit it! Veggie-flavored pasta always looks and taste so good and that’s due to their green color that might fool you and make you think that they are healthy! Unfortunately, there is no veggie goodness on this veggie-flavored pasta.

If you are looking for some health benefits, you can very simply add some actual veggies to your pasta!

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