10 Crazy Things That Happen If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep


Sleep is the ultimate human desire at the end of every day. Some people have a fulfilling long relationship with sleep, while others can’t get enough of it for one reason or another.

The lack of sleep has some very negative effects on our health, which we certainly have already experienced at least once, and can even be fatal.

Few hours of sleep cause tiredness all day long, and few sleepless days can cause headaches, paranoia, hallucinations, and many other medical phenomena.


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10- Car accidents


If you had little to no sleep, it can show up the next day at the most inconvenient times, inside your car, on a highway, and you will just helplessly surrender to it. Driving while drunk can be even less dangerous than driving with lack of sleep, at least a drunk person knows that they are drunk!

9- Inefficient Brain


Going to sleep too late or waking up too early is always a bad idea. Sleep deprivation has a very negative effect on the human brain and can make it less efficient.

Your brain works really hard and recieve a huge pumped amount of blood trying to overcome the effects of sleep deprivation and keep your consciousness awake. A loss of great energy not worth the few sleeping hours you skipped. You must always allow your brain a good night of sleep.

8- You mess up your short-term memory


Your active memory or short-term memory also needs to sleep. Perceptions always pass through your short-time memory first, but not all of it get to be stored in the long-time memory.

Without sleep, super simple things, such as a couple of numbers will not even go through the short-term memory. The symptoms of sleep deprivation are confusion, having trouble to remember, or losing control. You can live a day having no idea what you’re actually doing.

7- Long-term memory, too.


Eventually, your long-time memory will also be messed up, you might start feeling clumsy about previous days events.

That is because our brain needs sleep to process everything we experience in the present and have experienced in the past, we also consolidate the thing we learned while asleep.

Obviously, lack of sleep corrupts this wonderful process and nothing will be put into place, making it hard to keep long-term memories and harder to learn new skills.

6- No attention at all


As awake humans, we are most attentive and alert to what’s going on around us, and we can focus on the smallest things. Though it can all be ruined by lack of sleep. Lacking sleep can make you stupid, blind and deaf to what’s happening in your surroundings.

You would notice nothing and be unable to concentrate. All your responds become just instinctive as you become distant and distracted, and this is not quite good for you.

5- Forget about planning anything


Your ability to plan and schedule your time and actions goes off after 36 hours of no sleep. The part that is responsible for coordinating operations to start and stop in our brain, is also turned down after a couple of day of sleep deprivation. People with lack of sleep will not be able to make the smallest decision and would rather feel lost or keep repeating the same thing.

4- Habits rule


When you can’t decide, you redo the things that you are used to do. Habits come automatically and don’t need any efforts or intervention, after all, that’s all you have left. However, it’s rarely positive and can be tricky and make you fall back on old habits such as smoking, or eating more fast food, for that you have no actual sense of responsability towards your actions.

3- Risky


Highly limited-sleep has bad effects on your proper sense of risk, you won’t be able to calculate risk chances, or even know the difference between safe and risky.

This case applies on the decision of taking the road after missing 2 or more days of sleep, or on how card players would keep raising betts when it is most wise to quit, but they are lacking sleep and everything seems stupidly fine.

2- Dying Brain Cells


Studies have shown that after a long time of no sleep, almost 25% of your brain cells turn off and just stop working forever. While other studies have shown that lacking sleep lowers the integrity of the white part of your brain. You can’t see it, but it’s there, and it’s unhealthy and damaging.

1- Mania

A man sleep walking with his pillow

After all the terrifying damages of sleep deprivation, there is also mania. It can combine all of the above and give you a feeling that you overcame that exhausting need to sleep, you may also experience too much energy and become suddenly very talkative.

But in fact, mania is a mixture of many symptoms, such as paranoia, hallucinations, psychosis, aggression, … R.I.P mental health!


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