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10 Best Foods That Will Make Your Skin More Beautiful and Younger

Last Updated on January 24, 2018

Say goodbye to wrinkles and to that tired pale skin forever! This is how you can keep your skin looking fresh and young without resorting to toxic chemicals.

You’ll be pleased to learn that your diet can make a significantly big difference in your skin’s appearance. In fact, many foods contain minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that can help reduce wrinkles and give you that skin glow.

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You can now throw away those extravagant tiny bottles of skin cream with hard-to-pronounce ingredients and head to the supermarket if you really want to make a better change for your skin.

In our beauty health page, we believe that both beauty and health are precious and both are deeply connected, as your beauty reflects your health. So we’ve collected the 10 best foods for younger-looking skin in the world.

10 Best Foods That Will Make Your Skin More Beautiful and Younger©

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1. Salmon

Salmon© pixabay

Everyone knows or at least heard about the magnificent health benefits of salmon, but did you know that it also has some wonderful benefits for your skin?

In fact, the omega 3 fatty acids in this fish help reduce dryness, making your skin look youthfully smooth, soft, and supple. You can think of eating salmon as using a moisturizing cream on your skin from the inside out.

Omega 3 fatty acids can also help protect your skin against sun damage, which plays a big role in skin aging. According to some of the latest studies, omega 3 can even prevent skin cancer from developing.

To keep your skin looking healthy and young, you should try to eat at least 2 three-ounce servings of wild salmon every week. Also, try to avoid the farm-raised varieties.

2. Avocado

Avocado© pixabay

Avocados are widely known for their high content of good fat (monounsaturated fat) that helps improve the absorption of necessary vitamins as well as keep your skin hydrated.

Moreover, this amazing fruit is rich in vitamin E, the skin friendly component that can eliminate free radicals, guard against UV rays, and moisturize your skin.

Avocado also contains glutathione, an antioxidant that helps your body get rid of toxins and can reduce wrinkles and acne.

The best thing about this creamy fruit is that you can include it into your diet in various ways, you can make your homemade yummy guacamole, add it to a salad or sandwich, make egg-avocado toasts, or simply eat it sliced.

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3. Strawberries

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Strawberries© pixabay

Organic strawberries rank as a top choice for healthy and beautiful skin due to their high amount of vitamin C. This omnipotent antioxidant improves collagen production, which helps maintain the smooth appearance and firmness of your skin.

Several studies published in health pages revealed that women who have a lower intake of vitamin C are more likely to develop lines and wrinkles. Although there are other fruits containing vitamin C, in fact, only one cup of strawberries contains a whopping 130% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin.

To help your skin reap the most benefits, try to add a handful of organic strawberries to some plain yogurt or simply eat them alone on a daily basis.

4. Green Tea

Green Tea© Be Brain Fit

Maintaining a flawless skin depends largely on proper cell regeneration. In fact, mutated cells can cause many undesirable effects, from mild issues such as uneven pigmentation in your skin to more serious health problems such as cancer.

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Green tea contains powerful antioxidants as well as EGCG, which can help your cells grow properly and maintain a healthy life cycle. To get the maximum benefits and make sure you’re drinking the purest product, avoid packaged tea bags and start brewing loose leaf green tea at home. Your skin will be grateful.

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5. Red Peppers

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Red Peppers© pixabay

Organic red peppers can offer more than just a sweet crunch, actually, half a cup of chopped red peppers can provide your body with over 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

Besides the many health benefits this vitamin can offer, it has the ability to combat wrinkles. A recent UK study revealed that women who have a higher intake of vitamin C were less likely to develop wrinkles and dry skin.

In case you don’t really like the taste of red peppers alone, try dipping it in some yummy homemade hummus.

6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil© pixabay

The essential fatty acids in extra virgin olive oil can work wonders on your skin. One of its most amazing benefits is the ability to make your skin resistant to UV rays damage, according to a study in Lancet Oncology.

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These essential fatty acids can also help your cell membranes retain moisture and keep dryness at bay. So if you want to have a soft and hydrated skin, you should consume one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil every day. You can pour a little bit of this oil over sliced avocado for a filling and skin-friendly snack or add it to grilled veggies or salads.

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7. Blueberries

Blueberries© pixabay

Organic blueberries are one of the best superfoods that you can eat, and they’re particularly great for your skin. Consuming only half a cup of blueberries can provide you with almost double the amount of antioxidants that the average American eats per day.

Why would you need more antioxidants? They help eliminate free radicals that damage your skin cells and decrease collagen levels in your skin, which eventually makes you prone to wrinkles.

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Blueberries also contain polyphenol, which can help boost cell regeneration for better skin. These powerful little berries are very delicious, you can make mix them with other berries to make healthy smoothies or simply eat them alone.

8. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes© Herb

You’re making a huge mistake if you only eat sweet potatoes once a year, on Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene, which improves your body’s ability to produce vitamin A, increasing cell regeneration and protecting your skin.

Several skin care products include retinoids (forms of vitamin A) because they’re beneficial for the skin. Fortunately, you can skip the expensive products that are full of toxic chemicals and start eating sweet potatoes instead. You can roast or bake sweet potatoes for a healthy side dish that will greatly benefit your skin.

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9. Pomegranates

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Pomegranates© pixabay

Pomegranates have more antioxidants than green tea and red wine, in addition to a significant dose of vitamin C. You need to eat pomegranates for many amazing reasons. This fruit can diminish the appearance of wrinkles and brighten your skin as well as it may reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Make sure to purchase organic pomegranate, you can head to your local co-op or farmers’ market to get it. Also, never skip the seed, as they’re filled with nutrients that your skin will love immensely.

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10. Grapes

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Grapes© pixabay

Grapes are the best food that can help you fight skin inflammation. These little fruits contain resveratrol in their skin, which can combat inflammation and may even prevent UV damage.

Grapes are also believed to have the ability to slow down the aging process! Organic grapes can make a nice snack that will enhance your skin and keep it healthy, beautiful, and young.

There are also other foods that contain resveratrol, such as peanuts and cocoa powder. So you may want to add them to your diet as well.

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