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Top 7 Simple Exercises That Lengthen Your Body

Having a high figure and shapely certainly has its advantages. Not only it makes you look slimmer and elegant, but also fortifies your confidence.

All kinds of stretching is a good practice to get our body to gain flexibility. In turn, it can also help us win a few centimeters.

For many people the stature is a key element of their figure and, although it is known that this depends largely on genetic factors, some people try to gain more centimeters by practicing exercises.

Nutrients and physical activity are two determining factors for the growth of the body in the early stages of life; however, upon reaching older age, it is also possible to grow a little more with some movements that strengthen muscles and bones.Given that many are looking to lengthen their body a little more

then we want to share these top exercises that can always help when performed on a regular basis. Are you interested?

7. Swim


This physical activity is not only used to relax muscles and stylize the figure, but also involves stretching muscles of the body.

Regular practice is an interesting way to earn a few centimeters tall as arms, abdomen and legs are toned.However, to achieve the main objective, at least 2 hours of training must be carried out, with patterns of a 15-minute break.

6. Hang a bar


This exercise is to let the body hang a sturdy bar, while the muscles, bones, tendons and joints are fully extended.To enhance the effects of this type of stretching, you should lift your legs and put them in parallel to the ceiling.It should be repeated several times in a day, without overstretching the body, because it can dislocate one of his limbs.

5. Touching your toes


This is perhaps one of the most classic stretching exercises in gym classes and workout routines.It basically consists of hunching forward and stretch your arms to touch the tips of the toes without bending your knees.

You begin to regain flexibility as far as making you feel able.Hold for a few seconds and repeat several times a day to meet the target you want.

4. Cobra


This is a typical stretch yoga class, in which the spine and other body parts are extended.The more you practice the right way, over your back and stretch the body more will be opened.

It is to lie with the body and face downward and palms under the shoulders. Then the back arches and chin rises to an angle.

3. Lift pelvis


This movement is quite common in regular exercise routines because it is a good way of working body parts such as legs, buttocks and abdomen.Also exercises the spine and the lower part of the hips, so it is considered one of the most effective to win centimeters.

Lying on your back with your legs bent and palms on the sides of the body. So we raise the pelvis much as we can and hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds.

2. Playing basketball


This sport is fun, requires mental focus and physical performance good to do it properly.His practice is advisable from an early age, since by the movements involved, promotes the stretch of the bones and allows a higher stature.

1. Hamstring Flexibility and abductors


This movement seems a bit more complex than the others, but the truth is that it is very easy to practice and is a great way to get a good stretch.You start sitting on the floor with one leg bent back and the other stretched forward. Then the tomb chest towards leg straight, as if to touch the knee with this.

The arms are extended, through the ankle of the straight leg and then climbs back torso with a smooth motion.Do 3 sets of 5 repetitions each.

The important thing is to be consistent, go little more but reach their goals. With daily or at least three times a week to practice all these movements will not only be a few centimeters lengthening your body, but also will strengthen muscles and tone up those areas that are part of your physical attractiveness. Lively Up Yourself!


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