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Best Ways to Do The Arnold Press and Shoulder Workout

We all love to be fit and healthy, for this purpose the most important thing besides the healthy meal is exercise. A healthy body has healthy mind. And if we talk about men’s then they also want to be strong, active and energetic.

Here we are talking about the best ways to do the Arnold press and shoulder workout. Young boys and men’s who want to do a proper workout and want shoulder growth this exercise is highly recommended. This exercise is named after the famous actor of Hollywood Arnold Schwarzenegger; actually, this workout is invented by Arnold Schwarzenegger that’s why it called Arnold press.

Let’s start to know more about this exercise and what technique is required for this workout and how much time you guys need for shoulder growth.

Steps To Do Arnold Press And Shoulder Workout:

Following are the useful information that helps you to know more about Arnold press and how you can do this exercise in your house easily. One thing you need to remember is the consistency and the time lag that is required when you are doing this exercise.

And the last thing that is most important is related to the techniques that will be very helpful for you to do this exercise more properly. Let’s start a new path that will lead you to the world of more healthy and active life.

First, we will start with the Arnold press and the Steps that you have to follow to do this exercise are enlisted below;

Steps to Do Arnold Press:

Step # 1

  • How to Hold Dumbbells

Remember we are doing Arnold press so the first thing that you need to keep in mind is the position of holding dumbbells. Yes! The position of your dumb bells are like your position of forehead must be perpendicular to the floor, and then you guys will hold the dumbbells in such a way that is exactly under your chin. The position of palms should be like facing you. This is the exact way you have to remember while holding dumbbells.

Step # 2

  • Rotation

Ok! Now time to the second step, you are now in the same posture as we discussed in step 1, and now you are going to know about the step 2. In step 2 you have to pull up the dumbbells and rotate your elbows at the back position. Same with the regular exercise of shoulder press you did so before this know about the Arnold Press.

Step # 3

  • Don’t get locked

When you get confidence on the steps that we discussed above, then you have to focus on the step 3 that warn you to don’t get locked when your arms are in the top position. Remember this thing that you have to move down and look forward to your palms.

So these are the steps that are included in the workout called Arnold press, and now it’s time discuss the Arnold shoulder and something about the repetitions and number of sets that is required in Arnold press and shoulder workout. Let’s start and show you the time you guys need to do this exercise.

Repetitions and number of Sets required in each Exercise:

Following are the number of sets and repetitions you have to follow when you make your mind do this work out:

Exercise 1: Arnold Press

Rep Require: 8-10

Sets: 4- 5

Exercise 2 : Lateral standing side

Rep Require: 8-12

Sets: 4- 5

Exercise 3: Lateral Seat Rear

Rep Require: 8-12

Sets: 4- 5

Exercise 4: Lateral Cable Side

Rep Require: 10-12

Sets: 3- 4

After this now here comes the last time that needs to focus too, this point is described under the name of pro tip that you guys have to keep in mind while doing this workout.

Pro Tip:

If you want to focus more on shoulders growth and less on triceps, then you have to stop locking at the top of reps to get good results.

Hope so you will get enough information that will help you to be healthy men in your peers and give you the new energy that you were always looking forward.


1970-1975, 1980: 7-time Mr. Olympia

1968-1070: 3-time Pro Mr. Universe

1967,1969: 2-time Amateur Mr. Universe.


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