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Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Most of the times women stay away from the chest exercise. There are some misconceptions about chest exercise that it is only suitable for men and it reduces the size of the breasts of the women. The females mostly concentrate on their butts, legs, arms and abs which are not right.

Why should women do Chest Exercise?

The size of the breast does not depend on the chest exercise rather it depends on your diet and consumption of fats in your food. Chest exercise strengthens your muscles and makes your boobs bigger. It also improves the firmness of your pectoralis muscles which supports you in doing other types of workout.

Here I am providing you the list of top ten chest workouts for a woman.

1. Pushups

the-10-best-chest-exercises-for-her-0The pushup is one of the most flexible exercises. It does not require any equipment or space. You can do pushups at any time and at any place even in your room. It not only improves the muscles of your chest but it is also very useful for providing strength to your shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

2. Bench Press


It is the most important weight exercise for your chest. Initially, you should use barbell because it is a lot more convenient to control the movement.

After sometimes, you should shift from barbells to dumbbells because it helps you to concentrate on the muscles in a better way. You can perform the bench press using different variations such as inclined, declined or straight bench.

3. Dumbbell Flyes


The exercise is useful for strengthening and broadening your pecs. You have to perform the exercise with a lot of care and make sure you do not carry heavy weights keeping in view your tolerance level.

4. Tricep dips


Although Tricep dips are basically the workout for your triceps but it also improves your chest muscles, especially for your pecs. It is also very helpful for your arms and shoulders.

5. Medicine ball Slams


Hold the ball over your head and slam to the ground as hard as possible. Do it for at least 50 times without a break. It is a compound exercise which is very much helpful for your arms, shoulders, leg muscles and chest muscles. The utility of the slams depends on the intensity of the slams. As high as the intensity, it is as good for you.

6. Burpees


Burpees are one of the most enjoyable chest exercises. First of all, you have to do a pushup, and move forward in the form of jumps keeping your hands on the ground and maintaining the shape of bent over. This exercise is as twice as useful the pushups are. It helps to strengthen your pecs, shoulders, and arms.

7. Medicine Ball Push Ups


You should initiate the exercise by going into the position of the pushup and placing your hands on the ball. Start doing pushups and remove the hand from the ball and put it on the floor and continue the similar exercise for about 10 to 20 times. It improves your core stability and balance.

8. Straight Arm Pull Over


Place your upper half of the back on the ball and feet on the floor with knees at an absolute angle of 90 degrees. Grip the dumbbells with both hands above your head with your arms straight.

Start lowering the dumbbells and then slightly return to the starting position. The workout focuses on your bust muscles.

9. Cable Chest/ Fly Cross Over


It is the exercise which is performed by a cable machine having adjustable or independent sides. Make sure that pulleys are placed on the top of the machine. The exercise is beneficial for contracting your muscles without reducing the size of the muscles.

10. Dips


It is the most advanced and complicated sort of exercise. Do not try it before getting experience and a great command over other workouts.You require parallel bars for this exercise. Place your body above the bars.

Lower yourself with moving forward at about 30 degrees while holding your breath and flare your elbows till you feel a stretch in your chest. And then bring the body back after breathing out. Repeat it for numerous times. This exercise mainly targets your lower chest and triceps.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that chest exercises are as useful for women as it is for men. They improve the fitness of the women and make their body flexible and strong.

There are some chest exercises which not only strengthen their chest muscles but also other parts of the body.


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