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Kai Greene Back Workout Routine For MASS

Kai Greene is an expert and a professional IFBB weight lifter. He is no doubt, one of the best muscle builders around. All around the world, he is well known and popular for his muscles.

He is also famous as “The Dancing Bodybuilder” as he is a decent performer and a good entertainer. Kai Greene began building muscles at his home just because he was not ready to manage the cost of for a gym. He started going to a teacher for training and soon after some days he became acquainted with that his instructor was the owner of the gym.

He began going to that gym and changed his energy into his profession. He always wants to be a body builder and wants to make his name in this field. At the age of 14, He won his first bodybuilding title and he stood second in Mr. Olympia 2012.

Workout Summary

Build Muscle

Back, Lats



Workout Description

The key to building strong and fan favorite muscles is a great combination of light weight, high volume and tough workout routine to build mass. He has a deep mind muscle connection because his mind and muscles speaks the same language.

He has an army of his fans from all around the world due to his great body, master poser and best entertainer. He knows how to please the crowd and increase the number of fans.

If you want to know the tough workout routine for back muscles of this amazing body builder then here are the exercises that you can also follow to achieve your goal and impress the girls.

Workout Routine

Kai Greene Back Workout Routine

More informations about some exercises



He does dead lifts because he believes that deadlifts hit multiple muscles between the lats and upper glutes. He thinks people neglecting this exercise can’t achieve the goal. He concentrates on feeling the pressure all through the back of his body, particularly his spinal cords. Kai just use an overhand grasp for the deadlift.

Barbell row


Majority of the guys do barbell push in the gym .In this one have to pull the bar towards their stomach and truly feeling it in the mid back. Kai does this exercise for back muscle. With a wide grasp, Kai twists forward his abdominal area practically parallel to the floor. He expands his glutes out and mid-section staying up as he sticks to the bar simply under his pec not his mid-region. Kai could lift progressively if he changed his grasp and position yet it’s not about lifting something heavy for Kai.

4 sets | 13 to 15 reps

T-bar row


T bar row is very similar to barbell row and kia does it to build the back muscle. His reps are very quick yet in great frame, as he’s not yanking the weight up. Kai doesn’t add 9 to 10 forty-five-pound plates on the bar despite the fact that he could, if he loosen up his shape and form.

4 sets | 12 to 14 reps

Machine row

To hit the multiple areas of his back Kia does machine row. In this the elbows are pulled back to the side squeezing the lower back and mid back muscles.

4 sets | 12 to 14 reps

Close Grip Pull-down


This is the perfect exercise to build the back muscles when it comes to Kia. He does not lean back to pull more weight like many other guys do in the gym. He pulls the handle to his upper chest and contracts his lats and then repeats it. He uses his arms as hooks and use less biceps as it is back muscle exercise.

4 sets | 12 to 14 reps

Wide grip pull down


Kai will perform out these inclining toward the seat, legs out behind him as opposed to under the knee pads. This will make him utilize less weight, however permits him to concentrate more on the inclination the muscle strain in his back. It additionally fit pull downs behind the neck, which Greene consistently does.

4 sets | 13 to 15 reps


Before he starts the training of his back muscles he warms up for at least 15 minutes. This is the key point of his success. Kai warm-up with various exercise such as dumbbell, bent over dumbbell, upright rows and dips which target chests, front delts and triceps.

Many sets and reps he sets

Whichever exercises he does, includes many sets and reps for great results. He is also a smart and professional trainer, attuned to his body.

Muscle shield

Kis’s back is basically a muscle shield. His lats spread thick and wide, inserting his low into his waist and it seems like he doesn’t has a waist from real view. Due to his tough workout for back he has got too much muscle tissues on his back which makes him special and popular for his back.

Diet plan

For body builder proteins are the nutritional cornerstone as proteins are essential part of muscle building. Kia’s diet plan also consist high proteins and carbohydrates. He includes plenty of carbs in his diet. Fats are also essential for both health and energy. To meet the needs of his body requirement he eats six meals daily and takes approximately 400 grams proteins.

Meal 1: five to six egg whites, oat meal and 8oz red meat
Meal 2: 9oz fish, rice, one cup vegetables
Meal 3: 9oz chicken, 16oz potatoes
Meal 4: 9 oz. fish, 1½ cup rice
Meal 5: 9 0z chicken, 12oz potatoes
Meal 6: 10 egg whites


If you want to achieve your goal then you have to stick to this workout routine as well as diet plan. But if you are new to this field then it’s better to take the help of a professional trainer to get the quick and long lasting results.


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