How to Improve Your Posture Effectively

How to Improve Your Posture Effectively

Remember when your mom used to scold you for not sitting straight? She was totally right! Posture is essential to human health, just like eating, getting a good night sleep, and working out regularly.

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Actually, posture, as a body language, can have a positive impact on your physical and mental performance. Good posture can help you feel disciplined and in charge of your own lifestyle by choosing to stay fit and healthy.

How to Improve Your Posture Effectively©

Check out these 10 great tips that will help you improve your posture

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#1 – Do Yoga and Pilates

Do Yoga and Pilates

An unhealthy posture can result in spinal complications like a permanent hunchback or loss of bone strength.

Fortunately, Yoga and Pilates can help you regain a good posture with positions such as the tree pose, downward facing dog, and even the plank pose can make a great difference.

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The best part is that all these positions are pretty simple and you can practice them every day at home.

#2 – Shoulder and chest exercises

Shoulder and chest exercises

Shoulder and chest exercises are a great way to improve your poor posture. If you remain in one sitting position for a long time, you can have tightness in the chest area which can bring about poor posture.

A fantastic and easy shoulder and chest exercise is to hold your arms out horizontally and turn them around ten times for two rounds. To help relax tense muscles and maintain a good posture, keep practicing shoulder and chest exercises on a daily basis.

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#3 – Uncross your legs

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Uncross your legs

Sitting with crossed legs can cause spider veins. Usually, when people suffer from neck or back pains, they naturally slouch away the pain by poor posture and thus develop this bad habit.

In fact, science revealed a link between back and neck pain and crossed legs. So just uncross your legs whenever you cross them until you get used to sitting straight.

#4 – Pull back your shoulder blades

Pull back your shoulder blades

Your shoulders are the basic constituents of your posture. When you pull them back and push your torso a little bit forward, you allow your shoulders to move freely, this simple move will help you maintain a straight posture and feel more comfortable (and confident) while sitting or standing. Try it now! See?

#5 – Get up and move every so often

Get up and move every so often

Another tip to help improve your posture is to lead an active lifestyle. It’s also a great idea to stop slouching a lot or carrying heavy objects. This type of stress burdens your back and can ruin your healthy and straight posture. Moreover, maintaining a good posture will help you prevent exhaustion and also keep future back pain at bay.

#6 – Be aware of your posture

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Be aware of your posture

Being aware is key because whenever you bend over for a long while, you tend to forget to sit up. Remember to keep an eye on how you sit or stand. Once you catch yourself slouching, take action and sit up immediately. If you still forget about it, write it down on a piece of paper and stick it to your laptop or even set a daily reminder on your phone.

#7 – Do not slump when sitting or standing

Do not slump when sitting or standing

Avoid slumping over when talking to someone. People usually lean over when they are conversing, which causes the body to get a couple of health issues including shoulder, jaw and back pain, headaches, in addition to gastrointestinal and heart problems. Slumping is not only unhealthy but also gives you an unprofessional look.

#8 – Keep your phone in your hand when calling someone

Keep your phone in your hand when calling someone

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Whenever you are talking to someone on the phone, do not lean your head or rely on your shoulder to raise and support the device. This can damage both your shoulder blade and posture. Remember to always keep your phone in your hand, also, there’s a reason why they invented headphones and the ‘speaker’ option.

#9 – Try not be overstressed

Try not be overstressed

Stress can promote poor posture. In fact, it sends a negative receptor called Cortisol (and commonly known as the stress hormone) to your body, which overworks your muscle tissue and weakens bones. This can make it very challenging to keep a good posture.

The best thing you can do is to avoid stressful situations and try to reduce your dose of daily stress, your posture will be grateful.

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#10 – Swim

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Swimming is a well-rounded activity that can help you develop stronger muscles due to its high-intensity level. Swimming works all the glutes including the back area. So when you swim, you are actually stretching the core which is an excellent and effective way to correct your posture or maintain your already good posture.


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