Here Are The 6 Easy Poses To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

It seems that it is hard these days to find 100% healthy folks with strong bodies. Everyone seems to be complaining about pains and aches all the time and all over their bodies. You can barely find a vacant appointment with a doctor.

This is all because many people seem to have given into the charm of modern life more than they should. They no longer pay attention to their weight as long as they can eat fancy, unhealthy meals delivered to their doorsteps.

Many among you might underestimate such a silly behavior. But this kind of behavior along with others is the key cause of different health issues. The consumption of unhealthy foods and irregular or no exercising at all lead often to serious medical conditions you surely do not need.

For instance, many people complain about unbearable back pain symptoms. They try back pain medications, back pain home remedies, and back pain pills, but nothing seems to lead to how to relieve back pain effectively. Maybe, it is time to try some back pain exercises.


1. Twisting the body

1-Twisting the body© Brightside

Admittedly, back pain causes terrible aches that can deprive you of comfort for quite few days. You might experience back pain when breathing, standing for too long, sitting or sleeping in an uncomfortable pose.

Upon a back pain diagnosis, some people ask their doctors to be given painkillers, but you can do it differently. You can exercise! Start by trying the spinal twist pose.

All you need to do is lie down on the ground on the back, folding the knees, and keeping them still on one side. Next, try to move the upper side of the body in the opposite direction.

No hip or back-lifting is allowed. Stay put in this pose for 2 or 3 minutes. The spinal twist is the best way to relieve back pain and get rid of body tension.

2. Lifting the upper half after laying down

2-Lifting the upper half after laying down© Ala Model Kini

The most common and important piece of advice given by any back pain specialist revolves around opting for stretches to relieve lower back pain as well as the upper side aches. Simple moves can indeed set you free from the bubble of unbearable backaches.

You could try the sphinx pose, a.k.a cobra pose. This is a common exercise of yoga for back pain relief. Find a peaceful spot in your house, then lay down with your stomach against the ground.

The elbows should be placed on the ground below the shoulder with the face lifted up. Be relaxed and lift the spine slowly, but without detaching your lower body from the surface. You have to stay put in this pose for 2 minutes, then you can do it once again.

3. Pulling the knees toward the chest

3-Pulling the knees toward the chest© Blue tree massage

Are you always looking for answers to your question on how to relieve lower back pain? Well, this is your lucky day, for we got what you have been searching for. You could try an exercise, involving pulling the knees toward the chest.

Obviously, you have to bend your knees after lying down. In light of this, the feet must be kept on the ground with one knee pulled up to the chest. The other knee should be kept straight.

To ensure the efficiency of this pose, you will have to stay put for few seconds. No need to take any back pain remedy, just repeat the exercise 3 or 4 times to keep lower back pain at bay.

4. Forming a ‘4’ with the body

4-Forming a ‘4’ with the body© Brightside

Challenge yourself by trying to make a 4, using your body. This simple pose is the key to how to relieve back pain at home easily, naturally, and effectively. Some people prefer taking what they believe to be the best pain pills for lower back pain, but exercising is the best, is not it?

Let us start with the pigeon pose, or the 4-making –pose as said before. First, fold the knees once you lay down on the ground. Second, try to cross the right leg in a way that will allow you to put it on the left knee.

Third, start moving the leg toward the chest and stay put for a while before switching the sides. This is a good pose to hinder the progress of long-hour-sitting effects on the back.

5. Bending forward and touching the feet

5-Bending forward and touching the feet© Love Life Be Fit, The Outdoor Lifestyle Blog For Women

If you go online, you will find thousands of recommended ways to relieve lower back pain as well as upper backaches. Some of these ways are suggested by back pain specialists and their efficiency is backed up with studies.

But we recommend one integral pose which can be the definite answer to how to relieve upper back pain and lower back pain quickly and effectively. All you need to do is sitting on the floor with the legs straight.

You could use pillows and cushions to help you out with the pose-carrying-out process. Try to spread the legs and bend forward with the head in the lap. You might find this challenging, but your feet need to be touched throughout this pose (no cheating is tolerable). Make sure you breathe in and out deeply.

6. Lying down on fours

6-Lying down on fours© Youtube

Don’t give in easily and quickly to your severe back pain, and try as much as you can to not take any back pain remedy unless it is really, really necessary. Try to look for natural ways better than consuming chemical drugs for no reason sometimes.

Now that we have said this, you must be pondering upon how to relieve back pain fast and naturally without taking any pills or painkillers. Well, exercising is the key, as we have seen so far, right?

This time we recommend the child pose as a way to get rid of the pressure exercised on the back, causing pain. Start with kneeling with the knees set apart. Place your arms on the ground after moving the upper side of the body forward. Try some body-stretching with the forehead on the surface.

On the whole, the success and efficiency of physical exercising are based on body flexibility, good breathing techniques, and commitment. Make sure you have these three ingredients to make the best out of your exercising.


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