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Get Bigger Calves For 2016 Summer!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

The Best Calves Workout For Slow Gainers

Just like with any muscle you want to make sure you are properly training each muscle group within the muscle to reach your full strength and aesthetic potential. When training calves, most people will only perform a round of sets on one machine: either the standing calf raise machine or the sitting calf raise machine.

You wouldn’t perform only the bench press on a chest day without adding some incline or decline bench to strengthen all areas of your chest, would you? Then don’t be lazy when it comes to training your calves. You need to exercise both the gastrocnemius and the soleus for a proper calf workout routine.

Think of exercises targeting the gastrocnemius as a compound movement and exercises for the soleus as a fine-tuning, isolation movement.

This is a high rep, high intensity calf routine that is going to spur some serious growth in your calves. Don’t be scared. I’m right there by your side cheering you on.


When performing your calf raises, either standing or sitting, are you allowing your heels to drop low enough and are you raising them high enough at the top of each rep? Didn’t think so. Don’t bounce the weight up and down. Focus on your form and change it as needed. Squeeze your calves as you raise them at the top of each rep then lower the weight slowly so you get a full contraction. This is going to help stimulate that new growth.

New growth also comes from using the correct amount of weight. If you’re using too much weight then your form is most likely suffering, which is also going to cause your gains to suffer. Using too much weight can place the emphasis of the movement on your quads or force you to use your upper body to pull the weight up on seated calf raises.

Don’t cheat these exercises. We want the weight and movement to be solely focused on strengthening those calf muscles so use a weight you can perform in the 20-30 rep range.


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