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Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Give this stomach shredding routine a try to chisel out a solid six-pack.

With summer here everyone wants to stroll down the beach with their abdominals muscles on show for the whole world to gaze at, but how do you get your abs into such amazing shape? Well fear not as we will reveal tips to make sure you never have to wear a t-shirt again.

Visibly abs are made of the upper abdominal, obliques (sides), the lower abdominals and the rectus abdominis. When working abs you need to hit all of these regions, and the following exercises help you do just that.

Machine  Cable Crunch (Upper Abs)

Select a weight you can handle that isn’t too heavy then attach a rope to a high pulley cable machine. Holding the rope kneel below the rope attachment. Lower the rope until your hands are placed next to your face.

With the hips stationary, flex the waist as you contract the abs so that the elbows travel towards the middle of the thighs. Exhale as you perform this portion of the movement and hold the contraction for a second.

5 sets: 20 reps

Top Tip: You can also hit the upper obliques by twisting the rope to the left and right when bringing the weight down. To really stress the obliques it may be more beneficial to use a single-handed rope, as you will be able to twist and hit the obliques more.


Cable WoodChop (Obliques)

Attach a rope to a cable tower, and move the cable to the highest pulley position. Grab both handles of the rope and then kneel down onto one knee. With arms extended over the opposite shoulder, look straight ahead and pull the rope across your body finishing the movement at waist level. Slowly bring the weight back to the start position and repeat movement.  Be sure to keep your core and abs tight at all times.

5 sets: 20 reps each side


Kneeling Ab Wheel (Rectus Abdominis)

5 Top Moves for Shredded Obliques

Start by kneeling on an exercise mat and start with your thighs at 90 degrees to the floor, brace your core and slightly tilt your pelvis back (this will stop your lower back from arching). Hold the wheel with both hands directly below your shoulders, keeping your arms straight. Slowly roll the wheel forward as far as you can go keeping good form. Crunch your abs and roll back into the starting position.

If you do not have a ab wheel then you can use a long bar with a plate loaded on each side to achieve the same movement.

3 Sets: 10-15 reps


Hanging Knee Raise (Lower Abs)

Hang from a chin-up bar with both arms extended using a wide or medium grip. Bring knees up towards the torso and hold the contraction.

Slowly lower your legs down, ensuring the movement is controlled. When bringing knees back up, don’t let the momentum of the movement carry you.

5 sets: 15- 20 reps

Top Tip: This exercise can also be performed using a vertical bench that makes the exercise easier by supporting your upper back in place and by allowing you to hold yourself by placing your elbows and arms on the side pads.


Hanging Knee Raise Oblique Crunch (Lower Obliques)

Use the same starting position as the hanging knee raises. Bring your legs up to your right underarm and hold the contraction. Go back to the start position and then bring your legs so that they then hit your left underarm. Repeat the same number of reps for each side.

5 sets: 15- 20 reps (each side)



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