8 Of The Most Effective Breathing Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

They tell us to breathe whenever we feel anxious, stressed, and tired, so we know breathing is a great exercise for our well-being but have you considered it as one of the most effective ways to lose your belly fat?

Pranayama is the term we use to signify breathing conscious awareness. “Prana” means life force, and “ayama” means extension. The breathing techniques of Pranayama are connected to Yoga.

It is in fact what boosts the positive effect of asanas. So once you add them to your workout routine, you will see quick results, especially when it comes to your belly.

In general, breathing can be as effective as any other exercise when it comes to losing fat. So here are 8 of greatest breathing exercises that are highly effective to lose all of your belly fat.

#1 – Diaphragmatic Breathing

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Diaphragmatic breathing enhances our metabolism and helps us burn the fat that is located on the top of our abs.

– Lie on your back and put both of your hands on your tummy in order to take control of your breathing.

– Inhale from your nose slowly and feel your belly expands.

– Through pursed lips, exhale until your belly falls under your both hands.

– Your chest has to stay still throughout this process.

– If you are a beginner, do it for 5 to 10 minutes. You can increase the time later and do it while standing or sitting.

#2 – Stomach Vacuum

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The stomach vacuum’s goal is strengthening your abs.

– Lie down on your back with flat feet and knees bent.

– Inhale as much air as possible slowly.

– Exhale as much air as you can. Push your stomach to your spine.

– Hold for 20 seconds.

– Breathe as usual while still holding that position.

– With an inhale, release your stomach. Repeat it for a couple of times, and as you do it, remember to breathe in from your nose and out from your mouth.

#3 – Skull shining breath

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Skull shining breath focuses on long passive inhales and short explosive exhales.

– Sit on the floor with your legs (or knees) crossed and put your hands on your knees.

– Breathe deeply. Then exhale shortly, forcefully, and continually.

– Push your navel to your spine every time you breathe out.

– Inhale as much as you can and feel your lungs open automatically.

– Keep doing it for 30 to 1 minute straight.

#4 – Alternating nostril breathing

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– Sit with your legs crossed or on your heels. Your shoulders must be relaxed and spine has to be straight.

– With your palm up, put your right hand on your right knee. Make sure the tips of your index fingers and thumb are touching each other.

– Put your middle and index finger of your left hand between your eyebrows.

– Place the small and ring fingers on your right nostril, while your thumb is on the left one.

– Press your left nostril gently with the thumb as your exhale through your right nostril, then inhale through it.

– Do it all again with the left nostril.

– 5 to 10 cycles.

#5 – Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellows breath)

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– Sit in a comfortable pose with a straight spine and neck, while placing your palms on your knees.

– Relax your abs and close your eyes, then start breathing in and out forcibly.

– Your breathing has to be powerful and deep.

– Take 1 second between every to inhale and exhale.

– Do it for 5 minutes straight.

#6 – (Bhramari Pranayama) Humming Bee Breathing

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– Sit with your legs crossed and make sure your spine is straight and shoulders are relaxed.

– Place both of your index fingers on your forehead (above your eyebrows) as you close your ears with the thumbs. Let your middle and ring fingers relax on your eyes (must be closed, too).

– Inhale and exhale slowly with a closed mouth.

– Make a humming voice when you are breathing out and feel the sound vibrating on your fingers.

– Inhale and exhale several times, then place your hands on your knees. That is considered one cycle!

– Do 5 to 10 of these cycles.

#7 – Deep Breathing

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– Sit on the ground with cushions or on a chair. Your neck and spine have to stay straight.

– Put your hands on your knees or thighs, if you are on the floor, cross your ankles.

– Breathe through your nose for a minute after you close your eyes. Relax your face completely.

– Exhale as you count slowly to 4 then pull your navel to your spine. Then slowly inhale.

– Try to inhale as long as you exhale.

– Focus all of your thoughts on breathing.

– Do it for 5 to 10 minutes, and 3 to 5 minutes if you are a beginner.

#8 – Uddiyana Bandha (abdominal lock)

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– This exercise should be done on your knees or while standing.

– Exhale all the air while pressing your abs and chest.

– With your chest, do a mock inhalation. Lock your glottis and stop the air from entering.

– Relax your abs.

– Hold your breath then inhale while you are still relaxing your abs. the upper part of your abdomen can form a deep concavity expanding to your rib cage.

– Release the mock inhalation and then let your abs and chest relax.

– Do it 3 to 5 times.

P.S: Like any other exercise, these breathing techniques have their own risks, so make sure to consult your doctor to prevent any health issues.


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