4 Simple Cardio Programs to GET RID OF FAT Super Fast

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Cardio is a type of aerobic exercise which is mostly performed to get rid of body fat to live healthy and fit through heart rate. Cardio programs are introduced to bring shape in our muscles through different movements.

Heart is also a type of muscle, so working with it make it stronger for daily routine. Cardio exercises increase the delivery of oxygen in the capillaries, which results in burning fat from the body automatically.

There are four important programs to get rid of fat super – fast:

Running and Walking

Running is an effective workout. It is a most effective way to increase the cardiovascular fitness and specially to burn the body fat in short duration. to burn more than 700 calories, an hour of running is enough to get rid of body fat as well.

Walking plays an important role to work all abdominal muscles. During walk, swing arms by maintaining a brisk space is very useful to loose fat from body. If we develop our habit to walk daily, then this habit cannot be changed for whole life.

Thirty minutes – walk ever brings positive effects to achieve aerobic effects with the combination of drinking water. Walking also brings impressive effects to improve the posture of human body.


Mostly people believe that rowing is a childish game, that’s why they don’t take interest in it. In real world, rowing is very helpful for total body’s workout round about 85 %.

Some people believe that rowing only plays an important role for upper body but it is a wrong concept. In fact, rowing is about the pushing of legs and its core engagement. It is a type of indoor cycling to burn fat speedily.

Modern rowing machines needs low impact work out by resembling to the boat machines. If someone uses rowing machine daily, then it burns the fat on regular basis. All the health experts and food nutritionist have recommended for rowing workout to get rid of fat.


There are a lot of health benefits of cycling because it is a type of an aerobic activity for the health of heart, lungs, and blood vessels. During this workout, the cycler breathes deeply, perspires, and feels an increase in body temperature to bring improvements in the overall body fitness.

Regular cycling has many advantages; such as an increase in the fitness of cardiovascular, increase in the strength of muscles, improvements in the mobility of joints, an impressive decrease in fat, etc.

Cycling is very helpful to improve mental and physical health. It reduces the weight by raising the metabolic rate, to build muscles, and burning the body fat especially. With the combination of healthy eating plan, cycling is a best option to reduce weight.

Lying Leg Twist

To decrease the fat from belly or around the belly is a very hard job for people to work out. Many women are worried for belly area fat, which is also known as “love handles”. To get rid of this type of fat, Lying Leg Twist is an easy cardio for efficient results. To perform this exercise, these steps are required:

  • Lie down on your back, and arms should be stretched out to both sides. Keep the hands on mat flat.
  • Lift your legs and bend the knees by keeping the calves parallel to the floor, the position of thighs should be at 90 – degree angle with the torso.
  • After second step, lower down both legs together towards one side and the right thigh should touch the ground in right side by maintaining the angle of 90 – degree.
  • Return this position to the center and lower towards the other side. So, the left thigh should touch the ground.
  • Repeat this exercise to 3 sets of 25 – reps each.


Above mentioned cardio moves are very helpful to get rid of weight. Main thing to get rid of fat is the motivation. No exercise or machines can give best outcomes, if someone is not motivated to lose fat from his body. Drinking water during cardio is very beneficial to maintain health. Away from junk foods during the sessions of losing fat from body.


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