10 Of The Most Dangerous Exercises You Can Do If You Are Over 50

Last Updated on April 21, 2021

Exercise is necessary for any age, but mostly when we are older because that’s when our bodies need our care the most. However, this is the only case we can’t apply the quote “age is only a number” because if you didn’t consider it, you may end up with an injury or many health issues. Of course, there are people with great physical ability when they are over 50 years old, but safety comes first. After all, we all have one goal and it is to have a good health and keep a great shape in order not to age badly. Death might be two steps away, but we are kicking it further away with every healthy decision we make.


Cardiovascular exercise is a very important exercise that has to be a part of everyone’s routine, but running long distances should not be a cardio choice after the age of 50 because our aerobic capacity decreases as we age. However, we should not stop running; just tailor it in order to be able to manage it. Instead, you can run in moderate level with brisk walking in between.


To be honest, squatting with weights is a great exercise, but the issue here is your knees could not handle all the weights like the old days. Simply, you can squat with no weights so you won’t add an unnecessary pressure on your knees. Instead, focus more on reps!


Same as the long-distance running, any intense aerobic exercise has to be approached with caution. After the age of 50, our aerobic capacity reduces and our muscles start shrinking. Plus, our bodies start getting tired easily, which makes us more at risk of hurting ourselves. Instead, you can join a class with moderate to low-impact pace.


The overhead press seems like a harmless exercise, but it still carries a lot of serious concerns. Since our muscles start shrinking as we get older, the pressure of lifting weights will be put on our shoulders. Moreover, our backs become weaker at this age so we may put ourselves in a very high risk of getting a back injury.


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