6 Surprising Things Your Eye Color Can Say About Your Health And Personality!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

People with brown eyes tend to envy people with light eyes, and people with light eyes sometimes wish they had brown eyes. Humans are unsatisfied creatures by nature, even when it comes to things that are out of our control (well, not anymore, because there is a whole market for colorful contact lenses).

But apart from aesthetic, have you ever thought about what your eyes say about your personality? Or what your eyes can say about your overall health? Well, to the question “what does your eye color say about you” we provide you these amazing 6 answers.


#1 – The Color Of Your Eyes Can Be An Indicator For Many Things

Your eye color could say a lot about you. For example, studies have shown that people with light-colored eyes had a bigger tendency to develop macular degeneration with age, while those with dark eyes have less of a tendency. Why?

Because a dark iris is more capable of blocking UV light, which is the kind of light that increases the risk for macular degeneration.

#2 – Dark Eyes Mean A Lower Risk Of Melanoma

Did you know the color of your eyes could be one of the melanoma risk factors? Studies have shown that blue-eyed children are much more likely to develop moles, and the development of moles during an early age can often predict the risk of developing melanoma as an adult.

Melanoma of the eye is also more likely to develop in people who have lighter eye color, like green or blue, because their eyes are not as well shielded from sun damage. But, no matter the color of your eyes, it’s always good to be on the safe side and protect your eyes with sunglasses to prevent this kind of health risk.

#3 – People With Light Eyes Tend To Be More Competitive

Research and studies that were conducted to measure personality fractures have linked the color of the eyes to certain personality traits. People with dark eyes were deemed more generous, friendly and emphatic.

On the other hand, people with light-colored eyes were labeled as more competitive and less agreeable. There is, of course, a need for more research, but the preliminary efforts aim to the fact that this could be due to the evolutionary roots.

#4 – Dark-Eyed People Are Seen As More Trustworthy

A study where people were asked to rate people’s photographs based on how trustworthy they seemed to them. The majority of participants picked brown-eyed people as trustworthy ones, over the light-eyed ones.

Even when researchers decided to digitally alter the eye color, the results remained the same, which motivated a study to link facial features with eye color. Apparently, the dark-eyed man had supplementary facial traits that people link to trustworthiness, like broader chins and bigger mouths – features that mirror natural expressions of happiness.

#5 – People With Light Colored Eyes Are Less Likely To Suffer From Vitiligo

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease where the person’s immune system starts attacking the healthy pigment cells on our bodies and, as a consequence, causes blotchy skin. There are 13 genes that have been identified and linked to a tendency to develop vitiligo, and this has come to show that people with blue or grey eyes are less likely to suffer from this condition.

With a sample of 3,000 people, they concluded that 43 percent of the people who suffered from this autoimmune disease had dark eyes, while 30 percent had green or hazel eyes, and then the minority had light-colored eyes. The subjects of this study were of European descent, but non-Hispanic, in order to get a more diverse sample. People who have vitiligo are also more likely to develop other illnesses such as lupus, thyroid disease or even type 1 diabetes.

#6 – People With Dark Eyes Ingest Less Alcohol

A research involving 12,000 men and women has reached the conclusion that people with light-colored eyes drink more and are more prone to alcohol abuse than their brown-eyed peers. But why?

The scientific explanation researchers have found so far is the fact that people with darker eyes have more melanin, and the amount of melanin in the eye is linked to the amount of melanin in the brain.

Well, melanin in the brain is a part of the electrical connections between brain cells – having more melanin will translate into a greater sensitivity to alcohol stimulation, meaning that people with darker eyes will get tipsy faster, therefore, they don’t need to drink as much.


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