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Paige Hathaway “Butt Workout Routine”


Paige Hathaway is extremely well known among youngsters for her amazing and sexy figure. Her fans don’t avoid a beat to know the wellness insider facts of the shocker which keep her fit as a fiddle.

They want to know each and everything about the top fitness model. Credited with most conditioned and energetic goods, Paige Hathaway is a really popular fitness model who has graced the cover page of copious magazines.

She is one of the top fitness model names via web-based networking media and a large number of new individuals tap the follow button on her accounts each day. She took second place in her division of the 2012 Ronnie Coleman Classic.


Paige inspires her fans all around the world by saying that if you are trying to have sexy, sculpted and beautiful figure than good health might be your foremost objective. Instead of impressing someone with your looks, attempt procuring ideal health for yourself. Paige herself swears by a similar standard.

She reveres catching selfies in lovely and attractive shaded tights. It gives her colossal inner satisfaction to realize that she possesses an awesome body which is in impeccable health. And health is very important because then only you can attain your dreams and fulfill them.

Workout routine of Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway does a lot of tough workout routine to maintain her fitness and body. If you are also in search of the workout routine of this super fitness model then you are at right place. Today I will share with you the butt workout routine of this fitness model. Girls all around the world are big fan of here and want to attain the butts like her. So here we go for this.

Sexy firm Booty

Your glutes are the largest muscles in your whole body and you must make sure they are firm and tighter. To give your butt a firm and tight look you need to look after your workout routine as well as diet. Paige does the both to maintain here firm and sexy butts.

Here is her workout routine that she does to tight and firm the butt:


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