This Is Why Many US People Gain Weight

Everyone wants to have the strongest bones and the most solid physiques, but what do they do something to get what they want? Besides ingesting all sorts of weight-gain boosters, NOTHING! Well, this is alarming!

Globally, the US is enlisted as one of the countries with the highest obesity rates. Don’t get us wrong; it is not a question of body appearance; it is a matter of your health being at stake.

Along with overweight and obesity comes a wide range of health issues (cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, and diabetes).

Some US people do set their minds on following strict diets, but while they do abide by the diets completely or partially, there must be a missing part in the puzzle they gloss over.

The recent healthy nutrition facts reveal that many diet folks make numerous mistakes even if they are really interested in losing weight. They spoil their healthy body nutrition by adding zero-nutritional value foods or striking nutritional-valued foods to or out of their diet meal plans. Learn about these mistakes to avoid them!

1. Believing that all calories are the same

1-Believing that all calories are the same© Today Show

‘How to lose weight fast ?’ is the new, star topic of TV shows like that of the Good Doctors these days. You must be wondering why, right? Well, it seems that US folks are still struggling with the issues of obesity and overweight.

This implies that something is wrong with their body nutrition. Well, this is indeed true. The number-one mistake they commit is dealing with all calories equally.

This is wrong, for calories are classified into two categories: the good calories and the bad calories. Clearly, a nutrition healthy choice like eating fruits and veggies can equip your body with good calories unlike when you ingest a big, greasy burger.

2. Sticking solely to diet food or low-fat food

2-Sticking solely to diet food or low-fat food© E-konomista

The ‘how to lose weight quickly?’ and ‘how can is get rid of this terrible belly fat?’ are the common questions that disturb the comfort of obese people. These two questions do motivate some of them to do something about their overweight yet not in a really proper way.

They might promise to stick to healthy nutrition, which is for them the inclusion of just low-fat foods, low-fat diet foods, diet-foods, and all other foods low in saturated fat and calories. Well, the bad news is that these folks are on the wrong track.

You would be surprised to know that some of those labeled foods as ‘best diet foods’ are in fact loaded with sugar. Even more, some kinds of diet food or low-fat foods, in particular, trigger your hunger instead of making you feel full.

3. Striking out protein-rich foods

3-Striking out protein-rich foods© Pinterest

It is healthier to keep the diet food list richer with all kinds of healthy foods and drinks to ensure that your body is receiving balanced nutrition. One of the common mistakes that plenty of weight-loss seekers make is the exclusion of high-protein foods from their healthy diet plans.

In fact, the protein foods list should be the longest, for protein is the major pillar of any weight loss process. It must be noted that foods with lots of protein should be consumed whether you are trying to lose weight or not. Note that protein contributes to the reduction and control of the appetite too.

4. Avoiding fiber

4-Avoiding fiber© FamilyDoctor

Many US folks seem to get the diet concept in a totally wrong way. The worse is that they do not know much about moderation in eating. They either eat too much of something or they avoid the latter altogether.

Just like protein, fiber is an indispensable ingredient that should be included in every weight loss diet. Taking fiber supplements is not the same as consuming fresh high-fiber foods.

Therefore, your diet must encompass more fiber-rich foods to keep you full and control your appetite. On top of this, fiber triggers the body’s absorption of fewer calories. Don’t think much about how to include fiber in your diet; just start by consuming brown whole grain bread.

5. Eating many times during the day even without feeling hungry

5-Eating many times during the day even without feeling hungry© insider

This might be slightly embarrassing, but how many times do you eat in during the day? Is it 7, 9 or many times? It is okay to be honest, besides none of us would be able to know your answer anyway.

You must know that healthy eating habits are what determines weight loss speed and efficiency. This means that if your eating habits are not that promising, especially if you eat too often, even if your appetite is not triggered by hunger, you have to consider making some changes.

Eating many times during the day results in the accumulation of unneeded calories.

6. Sticking to breakfast as a holy meal

6-Sticking to breakfast as a holy meal© The Cheat Sheet

What is the very common piece of advice that everyone receives and which is relevant to morning routines? That is right; it is never leaving home without breakfast.

Well, what we are about to say is a bit weird, but still true. This common and universal piece of advice is not 100% true. A healthy breakfast is a good morning start but without an appetite…slightly doubtful.

Studies reveal that people who have neither breakfast at home nor stop by breakfast restaurants do consume more calories than who do, but, surprisingly, the zero-breakfast takers had a lower calories-average than breakfast folks at the end of the day.

7. Drinking packaged juices

7-Drinking packaged juices© Hyburst

The consumption of natural and fresh, healthy diet foods together with packaged juices is not a good combination. It is worth mentioning that healthy drinks are the ones made of fresh ingredients with zero additives and at home.

Other than this, all packaged drinks are harmful. If you are in the course of losing weight, and you are simultaneously drinking packaged juices, then you are hindering the progress of your weight loss plans.

Packaged drinks are, in fact, loaded with the needed portion of sugar which would spoil your plans of losing those extra pounds. Soft drinks, sweetened drinks, and packaged drinks must be all avoided.

8. Cooking a single-ingredient meal

8-Cooking a single-ingredient meal© Delish

The big starring question-‘how to lose weight?’- is taking many TV shows’ view rates to sky-high levels, but do they do something for people who are overweight?

Well, health TV shows provide information to their audiences; it is up to the latter to take the information seriously and do something. The same holds true when dealing with weight loss.

TV shows invite usually nutritionists and healthy food chefs (this would probably remind you of one of the episodes of The Good Doctors or Dr.Oz).

Anyway, what such experts stress the most when it comes to losing weight is keeping your meals’ dishes rich of as much as you can of healthy foods (veggies, greens, etc..)

9. Too much of healthy food but no fruits at all

9-Too much of healthy food but no fruits at all© Be Healthy Today

Let us suppose that your diet is doing just fine, your body is so far coping with your new dietary eating habits, you have enough veggies and greens in your lunch plates, and on the whole, you eat less, still feel full.

But something must be missing, don’t you think so? It is fruits! The veggies-fruits couple must be placed on the top of your shopping list. Not all fruits can speed up your weight loss process.

Yet they are all healthy as long as you stick to the healthy intakes and have no allergies. Moreover, fruits such as apples, pears, watermelons, and grapefruits are all helpful with weight loss.
Weight loss is possible; it would take time of course. But with the consideration of unintentional nutrition mistakes and commitment to regular exercising, miracles can be witnessed.


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