The Top 10 Reasons Concerning Why You Need to Stop Watching TV

Watching TV is bliss, people would say. It is really so, however? Free TV streaming has become a possibility and Samsung 4K TVs are becoming cheaper and cheaper every year.

We admit that it is nice to be updated about all the Blu-ray releases and those interesting Netflix TV shows, but that is not necessarily good for you as a person.

In the article we’ve written, we argue against watching TV. To support our point of view, moreover, we have gathered 10 reasons as to why you should not watch TV. That Samsung OLED TV will not be as tempting as it is now after you finish reading the article.

Keep reading, therefore, to know more about why you need to stop watching TV. Those really good TV shows on Netflix will have to wait, it seems! :/

#1 – TV Wastes Time

1.TV Wastes Time© Sciencenewsforstudents

If you plan on watching TV tonight, chances are you are going to waste a lot of time before you call it quits. Those TV shows to which you are addicted take a lot of time to complete, and you don’t even like them all.

We are sure that there are a lot of things you would like to try in life before you die, and time to do that is not going to magically appear if you keep tuning in to watch TV shows every night.

#2 – TV Distorts Your Sense of Reality

1.TV Distorts Your Sense of Reality© Sporcle

That which you see on TV is not always representative of reality. The news is the only thing that is—although sometimes it is not!

Therefore, if you don’t want your sense of reality to be distorted, if you want your understanding of reality to stay intact, then don’t reach for that TV guide tonight—or any other night, for that matter. You will all the better for it! Trust us!

#3 – TV Slows Down Brain Activity

1.TV Slows Down Brain Activity© Johns Hopkins Medicine

For us, this is serious, and it should raise a red flag for you as well! Your brain is essential and you should treat it in the best way possible.

This may come off as weird to you, but when you watch TV excessively, you turn into a potato—that is to say, you become inactive as a potato. Scientifically speaking, research has found that watching TV shuts down the higher regions of the brain, leaving only the lower regions in an active state. Be careful!

#4 – Some TV Content Decreases Consciousness

Some TV Content Decreases Consciousness© Science ABC

Not all content on TV is good. Some of it is extremely bad, and we do not know what it is still doing there. Networks should pull the plug on these shows… oh, well!

If you look at the TV guide you will find the kind of shows that encourage feelings of guilt, grief, desire, and pride. They show people in their lowest states and make it seem as if it were normal, making you become numb towards those feelings mentioned earlier.

#5 – Lower Satisfaction with Life

1.Lower Satisfaction with Life© Ijustsaidyes

Research has concluded that people who watch too much TV were more likely to report that they were anxious and unsatisfied with their lives.

As TV viewers, the only thing that we should learn from the main characters of the best TV shows is their strong will and desire to achieve that which they want. However, we should never compare our achievements to theirs. It’s toxic!

#6 – Pointless, Excessive Ads

1.Pointless, Excessive Ads© Thedrum

If you plan to watch TV tonight, then you might have prepared yourself for your share of annoying ads. If you add up all the time you waster watching ads on TV, you will be shocked at the number.

This is a very viable reason as to why you should stop watching TV altogether. Maybe you should switch to paid streaming services which do not serve ads to their viewers, such as Netflix and HBO.

#7 – Stop Watching TV and You Will Save Money

1.Stop Watching TV and You Will Save Money© Themoscowtimes

This one is closely related to the previous arguments of excessive ads on TV. Every ad is crafted in a way as to make you crave the item that is being displayed and used in front of you on the TV.

Cravings mean spending money—a lot of it, sometimes. Therefore, if you decide to stop watching TV, as you probably should, you will save a lot of money, which you can then save and use for other important things.

#8 – Sensationalism

1.Sensationalism© BroBible

This refers to the act of overhyping events and news stories in order to present a biased version of them. This leads to the manipulation of truth and mass media organization don’t shy away from doing it.

If you don’t want to be programmed into becoming biased towards something, then you need to watch TV less and less as it is filled with content whose purpose is to create something out of nothing or to overhype ordinary events.

#9 – Your Life Is More Important

1.Your Life Is More Important© Mazzitti & Sullivan

If you find that you’re giving more time to watching TV than you do your actual life, then you need to step back and reconsider your choices.

Because, honestly, those TV listings can wait and your precious TV schedule, the one you prepared with care, can wait as well. Your life should be prioritized and lived, because there is a wealth of things to be learned and discovered, and you should not fall victim to excessive TV watching.

#10 – Build More Meaningful Relationships

1.Build More Meaningful Relationships© The Indian Express

How can you develop a normal relationship if you spend all of your time in front of the TV, let alone a meaningful one? Your quest for the best TV shows to watch will probably leave you alone.

Cut down on those TV shows on Netflix and spend more time with your friend. However, if you cannot live without your favorite TV show, create a discussion group with your friends to discuss the latest episodes.

Consuming content has become abundant these days, and it is not showing any signs of stopping. If you know where to look, you can even watch TV shows online for free, without having to pay a dime for the streaming services.

However, you need to practice caution and stop watching TV for the sale of yourself and your health, mental and otherwise.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below the one things that will make you stop watching TV altogether.


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