5 Shocking Reasons Why You Feel Sick Even Though You Are Not

Have you ever had many symptoms of diseases that you know are not there?

At least once in your lifetime, you would go through a phase when you start feeling fatigued all the time, dizzy, nauseous, and many things because of unknown reasons.

You could even go to the doctor and do all the needed tests only to find that there is nothing wrong with you. Do you have any idea what could be causing you these feelings?

Our bodies, minds, and feelings are all connected in a strange, yet, strong way that even our own minds can’t comprehend. For example, if you spent a long time not mentally stable, you will suddenly start developing physical diseases, including cancer.

This is why you shouldn’t only protect your body from illnesses, but your mind and heart, too! In order to know how you should understand how everything within us is connected.

#1 – Lack of sleep

1. Lack of sleep© Spectator Life

When you spend a few nights missing out on a good night slumber, you will start experiencing a few symptoms of fatigue that are similar to the symptoms of flu. And by the way, you could be sleeping your 7 or 8 hours each night but you would still feel the same, do you know why?

It is not only about the duration of your sleep, but it is also about the quality of it. When you sleep but your mind is still hanging on a thought or a feeling from your day, then be sure you will wake up feeling more tired than before.

This is why you have to empty your mind and take a few deep breaths before closing your eyes, you can even try meditation or Yoga before bed… they really help!

#2 – Poor diet / Dehydration

2. Poor diet Dehydration© Ani Papazyan

Whether you care about every food item you give your body or not, lack of a vitamin or a mineral would impact your physical health. For example, did you know that lack of magnesium leads to anxiety attacks?

You have to be extremely aware of all nutrients your body needs throughout the day because if you spent a fair amount of time missing out an essential one, then your mind may start playing tricks on you.

Just make sure to get your daily dose of fresh fruits, vegetables (especially the greens!), dried fruits, and water – A lot of water!

#3 – Mental disturbance

3. Mental disturbance©

What do we mean when we say mental disturbance? We mean your thoughts being invested on that work email you received earlier today, the disappointing text messages you read one hour ago, or the heartbreak you experienced a week ago.

Anything that would take control of your thoughts and feelings will lead your mind to be disturbed, unclear, and extremely distracted.

Whatever you are going through mentally will start showing up on your face and body; you will notice when people start asking about your dark circles and yellow-ish face. Not only that, you will start feeling physically ill as well, especially nausea and dizziness.

You need to learn how to think about a thought and control a feeling for a specific amount of time without letting it ruin your life. If the thing disturbing you can be solved, then solve it as soon as you can, if not, then accept it, forgive it, and then let it go!

PS: we understand that it can be a little hard when it comes to heartbreaks and grief, but remember that time is not a healer, it is only distracting. What can heal you is yourself, so believe in your mind and be IT!

#4 – Too much technology

4. Too much technology© 100 pour 100 annonces

Did you consider the fact that you can be addicted to technology?

Our smartphones and the internet could be some of the greatest things to happen to us, but they are also ruining our health. Too much exposure to technology could lead to:

• Headaches.

• Digital eye strain.

• Withdrawal (when you go offline).

• Back pain.

• Neck pain.

• Acne, eczema (bacteria on the screen that you put directly on your face).

• Disturbed sleep.

• Obesity.

In addition to that, exposure to the bright light of the screen ruins your skin and causes it to look like you are sick.

#5 – Poor hygiene

5. Poor hygiene© Twitter

When you don’t take care of your hygiene, especially oral, then you will experience many symptoms that will make you feel like you are sick constantly. After all, poor hygiene will allow bacteria to thrive and eventually lead to infections.

You need to constantly take showers because your skin is your natural barrier from viruses and bacteria, and on the other hand, you have to wash your clothes and bedding sheets regularly to keep them from being a safe home for bacteria to breed.

It is time to take morning or night showers daily and do your laundry once a week at least, but most importantly, wash your teeth before bed and after you wake up every single day!


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