What is the Meaning of the First Letter of Your Name?


#1 – The Letter A

The letter A is important because it represents the beginning of the alphabet as well as the beginning from which everything else flows. If your first name starts with A, it symbolizes that you’re a very strong and independent individual who has the spirit, energy, and courage to achieve whatever you want in life.

In most cases, you have many relationships through life because you need a partner who will support your aims. Others might find you egoistic and rude, but you simply know exactly what you want to do with your life.

You are frank and don’t believe in giving hints. Intellectuality, intelligence and sense of humor are what attract you the most in a person, although physical appearance is also important to you. Most of the time, you are practical and able to make wise choices.

#2 – The Letter B

If your first name starts with the letter B, then you are a more spontaneous and emotional individual. You are prone to making your entire life turn around another person rather than yourself. You are also a very good cook and very hospitable and friendly.

B is a sensitive letter that’s easily hurt, so you don’t usually talk to anyone who dares to leave you ever again. You like privacy and try to keep your life personal. You love exchanging gifts and being spoiled.

As one of the most sensitive people, you really want others to respect and cherish your feelings. In a partner, you look for affection and you’re open for new adventures.

#3 – The Letter C

The C first name letter defines a highly skillful, competent, and versatile person. You are kind, gentle, and very lavish when it comes to your money. During an argument, other would want your gentle wit, logic, and fairness on their side.

But, you may also be vicious and vengeful if you feel hurt. Loyalty is extremely valuable for you. You are a social person who loves to be surrounded by people. It’s essential for you to be accepted by the society, for which you may do anything.

Even for your partner, you look for someone who is good looking and attractive. You want your partner to appreciate and love you deeply and endlessly. You have firm control over your dreams and desires.

#4 – The Letter D

If your first name starts with the letter D, you are very loyal, trustworthy, and you are always there for others. You have a strong sense of purpose in life which makes you vibrant and sexy.

D’s usually make excellent business men and women who sometimes seem a bit emotionally distant, even though they are amazing lovers with immense libidos.

You are often seen as a very stubborn person. But it’s just your nature to put efforts into getting something you want. On the other hand, you are gentle and caring.

In a relationship, you are loyal, intense, and possessive. But you cannot stand eccentric and weird behavior. You want a loving and caring partner, just like you.