This Is How To Extend Your Living Years

#1 – Drink Something Through A Straw


1-Drink Something Through A Straw© Lifestyle Asia

Here is a secret tip for you: if you want to enjoy your mango drink, strawberry juice or apple soda, never ever use a straw. In fact, straws, in general, are no longer recommended to be used to drink any liquid.

They, on one hand, add nothing but extra waste which affects the ecosystem, and on the other, they expose your body to great health hazards.

Drinking from the cup directly will help you avoid being exposed to unnecessary medical issues. If you keep constantly using straws whenever you have a drink, you will notice that certain lines and wrinkles are formed throughout time.

#2 – Slouching

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Your backbone is very sensitive to any slight, wrong movements or sitting habits. When you go for a checkup for instance, will you feel at ease sitting or laying down on uncomfortable ritter medical stools?

Of course not, the very few minutes you will be spending there are going to turn into whole-day back pains. Well, imagine then sitting on similar uncomfortable chairs for the rest of your life.

The solution is not just about purchasing a good omega chair, comfy sack or a handy laptop chair; it is a question of your sitting posture. Ask yourself now, do you sit straight? Are your shoulders always in the back?

If you keep hunching your spine forward, you are going to be in need of great assistance as you get older. In fact, according to doctors, if you are sitting in the wrong posture and way, you will likely suffer from arthritis and other issues.


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