9 The Most Effective Self-Defense Tricks That Can Actually Save Your Life

#1 – Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic Nerve© BrightSide

Imagine that you are peacefully walking and then suddenly somebody attacks you from behind. Obviously, you will be freaked out and feel that the attacker has more power over your body and that you can’t fight back.

In such cases, be smart and immediately try to press tightly on their sciatic nerve. The latter nerve is located right between the groin and the knee and more precisely on the middle of the inner thigh. This will cause them an unbearable pain, shock, dizziness, and temporary immobility of the foot.

#2 – Jaw

Jaw© BrightSide

This is again another sensitive point in the human body. So, next time your life is in danger, don’t hesitate to hit the attacker using the back of your hand. The attacker will eventually lose consciousness and that’s because when you hit this pressure point, the head turns sharply and the brain literally shakes.