8 Mood Boosting Foods that Will Make You Feel Awesome

You love food, and food loves you too! Your relationship with food is actually quite personal. Food can comfort you, soothe your sadness, and pick you up mid-morning. It makes you feel something.

In fact, the human body responds to different types of foods in different ways. While certain foods, like white bread, pasta and deep-fried treats, can leave you feeling down and bloated, there are others that can actually improve your mood.

If you think that your mood plays no role in your health, think again. A poor mood can damage your immune system, slow down weight loss, and lead to tension headaches.
What’s more, it turns out there’s a solid link between what we eat and how we feel.

You can actually eat to feel good. How? These foods provide your body with nutrients, stimulating your brain to produce neurotransmitters that give you a natural high. That’s why you can actually combat depression through nutrition.

Sometimes, you just want to eat your negative emotions away. And why not, when the comfort food is tasty and healthy!

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Check out these 7 mood-boosting foods that are proven
to make you feel better. (They taste great, too.)