10 Secrets Of How To Be (And Stay) Skinny!

#1 – Drink water

1. Drink water© Medical News Today

We don’t need to discuss the importance of water and staying hydrated in order to maintain a good health, but we have to talk about how our bodies can confuse thirst for hunger, which leads us to eat more.

However, it is very tempting to turn to sweet beverages like juice, cocktails, and soda, especially in summer, but water is the only one capable of managing both your health and weight. Keep a bottle of water at your desk or set a reminder on your phone so you will never feel dehydrated again.

#2 – Special occasions are not every day

2. Special occasions are not every day© RetailMeNot

Decadent restaurant meal, office doughnuts, and cake at a birthday party, those events are the best and come so regularly, especially if you have a lot of friends and a great job.

So you eat all those sugary foods because… why not? So in order to not ruin your day and stay fit at the same time, you have to choose your treats wisely or at least have a small piece of them. Remember that you can always split your crème brûlée with your partner and pass the cookies on to your favorite colleague.