This Is What Will Happen To Your Body If You Eat Two Bananas A Day

This Is What Will Happen To Your Body If You Eat Two Bananas A Day© 123RF

Since we were kids, we have been forced to eat only healthy foods because as our parents would say “It is going to help you grow up!”… Well, they weren’t wrong but we just were too stubborn to believe them because the truth is, healthy foods don’t always taste good.

However, the older we get the more we realize how true they are and how stupid we were for not listening to them. Somehow we feel like we have been missing out on many benefits that could have helped us be healthier when we are older.

The good news is, we still didn’t miss out on anything because our bodies have the power to be renewed, making us stronger and healthier like we are 20 again.

One of the healthy foods that could really help us through the process of becoming healthy is Bananas. Thankfully, this fruit brings a unique satisfaction to our taste buds because it tastes incredible, but its benefits are even greater.

Do you want to see the evidence? Here is what will happen to your body if you continued eating two bananas a day for a month.

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