This is How You Need to Drink Your Coffee

Coffee, be it black coffee, Arabica coffee, black coffee, or decaf coffee, is loved by the majority of the world population and people can’t get enough of it. They just want to have the best coffee for their breakfast, and they won’t stand a day without it.

You must be one of them. Every morning, you go to your favorite coffee shop, take the usual order and sit down to sip it slowly, indulging in the sweet aromas of the original coffee beans that gave birth to what you are drinking.

However, we like to argue that, though the way you regularly drink your coffee is great, there other ways in which you can drink your coffee, making the experience healthier and more fun in terms of what you will explore. Keep reading, therefore, to know about these coffee-drinking ways!

1. Try Bulletproof Coffee

1. Try Bulletproof Coffee© Medical News Today

Have you ever heard of bulletproof coffee? If you haven’t before, no you have! Bulletproof coffee recipe dictates that you need to put some unsalted butter in coffee and add some MCT oil to your cup of black coffee before you drink it.

Although this recipe might sound odd to you at first; however, a lot of the people who have actually tried it swear by bulletproof coffee benefits, which include increasing good levels of cholesterol and decreasing triglycerides levels.

2. Add Less Sugar

2. Add Less Sugar© Reader’s Digest

The way coffee was made to be drunk—unfortunately, rarely does anyone drink it this way—is without any added sugar. Many coffee drinkers, however, like to drink sweetened coffee and nothing but sweetened coffee.

Moreover, they put a lot of sugar in the coffee to remove the bitter taste from it. If you’re one of them, then you need to consider this choice. Since you can’t tolerate the bitter taste of coffee, add vanilla or stevia to your coffee instead of sugar.

3. Don’t Drink Coffee after 2 P.M

3. Don’t Drink Coffee after 2 P.M.© Therahnuma

This rule is very important, if you want to keep your sleeping pattern normal. The caffeine in coffee works to keep you alert and stimulate you.

When you drink enough in the morning, the coffee will help you finish your tasks, but its effect will wear off in the evening and allow you to sleep at night. If you drink coffee after 2 p.m., however, the effect will take some time to wear off and will probably disturb your sleep cycle.

4. Add Cinnamon or Cocoa

4. Add Cinnamon or Cocoa© Food Hacks :: WonderHowTo

If you want to have a tasty cup of coffee—one, of course, that doesn’t taste like usual—then you have to add some cinnamon or cocoa to your morning cup of coffee.

Adding cocoa, for example, will allow you to decrease the amount of sugar that you normally add to your coffee. Cinnamon, moreover, will is an antioxidant (cocoa, by the way, is an antioxidant as well) and a very potent thermogenic.

5. Don’t Limit Your Breakfast to Coffee Alone

5. Don’t Limit Your Breakfast to Coffee Alone© Reader’s Digest

As awesome as it may taste, you should not limit your breakfast meal to only a cup of coffee. It is imperative that you add something on the side.

It is of particular importance that you do not drink your cup of coffee on an empty stomach, because it can cause damage to the inside lining of your stomach. Therefore, make sure that you drink that coffee cup with some toast or some cinnamon rolls.

6. Avoid Water That Isn’t Filtered

6. Avoid Water That Isn’t Filtered© Twitter

The water you use to make the coffee is as important as the coffee beans themselves. When you prepare your coffee with unfiltered water, you risk drinking something that could contain some heavy metals and excess chlorine, which can affect your coffee-drinking experience.

Therefore, you should always make sure that you prepare your morning coffee with filtered water. Treat your taste buds well, never give them something that that will give them decreased satisfaction.

7. Drink It with Almond Milk

7. Drink It with Almond Milk© SBS

If you like to drink your coffee with milk, that is nice and interesting. However, have you ever considered switching from a diary-based type of milk to a plant-based type of milk? A good example of such product is almond milk.

Limit the milk you drink every day with your coffee, which can cause you some troubles in the stomach and add almond milk, instead, to your cup of coffee.

8. Lower the Amount of Caffeine You Take

8. Lower the Amount of Caffeine You Take© Medical News Today

94 mg—that is how much caffeine there is in a cup of coffee! The more you drink of it, each day, the more caffeine you will put inside your body.

Moreover, caffeine makes coffee an addictive substance, something that can cause many problems for your body, in general, and your brain, in particular.

The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee can be destructive with time. Try switching to decaf, which has less caffeine, but make sure that you do it gradually, so as not to suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

9. Low-fat Isn’t That Good

9. Low-fat Isn’t That Good© Noosaelements

Coffee houses or coffee shops will advertise their low-fat options as the best for your body and the healthiest choice you can make concerning your coffee-drinking habits. However, that is not right!

Low-fat coffee, in addition to the artificial creamers and syrups these coffee houses and the different coffee brands there are have are heavily processed products that will do your body more harm than good—that is, if they do any good at all.

10. Switch to Organic Coffee

10.Switch to Organic Coffee© Aromas Coffee Roasters

No one can go wrong with organic products—not even coffee drinkers (duh!). Organic coffee beans do not have any residue from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, which can be very harmful to your body.

Always make sure that the coffee you’re about to drink was made with coffee beans that are certified 100 percent organic. If they were otherwise, do not bother. There are many options you can choose from, just make sure that you read the labels carefully and ask the guy in your favorite coffee shop.

This has been our take on how you should drink your coffee every morning. We hope we’ve been able to interest you and that you will try one of the mentioned ways very soon. Grab those coffee mugs, therefore, some coffee creamer (the healthy kind, mind you), and start preparing your coffee.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below how you prefer to drink your coffee.


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