This is How You Can Eat Unhealthy Food in a Healthy Way

This is How You Can Eat Unhealthy Food in a Healthy Way© Freepik

Unhealthy food comes in all tempting shapes and sizes, tastes and disguises, but it is not good for your body. Fast food, in particular, has a lot of calories and very little nutritional value. Therefore, a sane person is better off away from those fast food restaurants or any other source of unhealthy food.

The alternative would be to make up a healthy food list, one that includes a healthy snack and overall healthy meals, and organize your diet around it. However, is there another alternative? Is there a way by which we can eat all the delicious unhealthy food there is but eat it in a healthy way? However impossible that may sound to you, it is actually doable!

With a little effort, you will be able to eat many kinds of healthy fast food and your favorite healthy junk food. Keep reading, therefore, to know about the 6 way you can make healthy food out of unhealthy food.

1. Change Up

1. Change Up© Pexels

Enjoying eating unhealthy food is mostly not related to the food itself, rather to the experience of eating such food. Craving a sizable serving of chips is, more often than not, precipitated by the desire to eat something crunchy and salty.

Therefore, why don’t you substitute the salty crunchiness of chips with that of baked chips, nuts, carrot sticks, onion dips, or even the famous popcorn?

Eating any of these options will allow you to have the tasty experience of eating unhealthy food without having to put your body in jeopardy by actually eating unhealthy food. Add these healthy snack foods to your diet and stay safe!

2. Prepare Things at Home

2.Prepare Things at Home© Layers of Happiness

Preparing food at home gives you absolute control over what goes into making it and what does not. For example, making your own French fries at home will turn out a lot healthier than buying some from a fast-food restaurant. Moreover, you can do without cooking the fries in oil and bake them, instead.

Here are some easy healthy food recipes you can try at home right now: cut up some potatoes, put them in the oven and let them become crispy; or, you can buy some burgers whose fat percentage does not exceed 10% and cook them with some tomato sauce to keep them moist.

3. Trim the Fat from Meat

3. Trim the Fat from Meat© Cooking Light

Red meat is very delicious and people cannot seem to get enough of it. However, it can be hazardous to blood pressure and the heart, as it contains high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats. To minimize the risk of you incurring any health problems from eating red meat, there are things you can do.

It’s easy. When you go buying meat, ask for leaner cuts that have very little amounts of fat. Moreover, make sure that you trim any remaining fat once you arrive home before you cook the meat for a healthy lunch or a healthy dinner. Otherwise, you can switch to eating chicken, which is a healthier meat choice than red meat.

4. Prepare the Food Differently

4.Prepare the Food Differently© Jillee

How you cook the food has a lot to do with how healthy it is for you. Eating something that was baked is healthier than eating things that were fried, because they have a low amount of fat. Consider, therefore, learning healthy recipes, ones that don’t make use of cooking oil.

If you want to cook meat, for example, use a grill pan or cook it on a baking sheet in the oven. Moreover, you can braise your food by cooking it in flavored stock without any oil. As for snack foods, you can buy an air fryer and pop some popcorn in there—no need for any oil!

5. Experiment with Herbs and Spices

5.Experiment with Herbs and Spices© Foodal

Healthy eating has a lot to do with what you put on your food and not with the food itself. For example, all the amounts of salt we like to add can easily make a healthy salad very unhealthy. Moreover, we like to add a lot of salt to everything we cook or bake, rendering it very unhealthy.

However, there is an alternative you can try and let those healthy diet foods really healthy. We are talking about using other flavors (garlic, paprika, oregano, curry, cumin, etc.) to give your food very interesting flavors that will help you gradually do away with salt.

6. Take the Unhealthy Route but only in Moderation

6.Take the Unhealthy Route but only in Moderation© Pexels

You don’t have to switch to eating healthy meals all at once. When you cut your intake of foods that you love, no matter how unhealthy they are, you run the risk of becoming stressful, which will eventually lead you to binge eat all your favorite food and undo everything that you have achieved so far.

Therefore, it is recommended that you chose some unhealthy meal that you love to it and incorporate it into your diet; however, make that one cheat day every week. With time, you will find your cravings for that particular meal have dwindled and you will embrace the healthy lifestyle.

Sources of carbohydrates are all around us, and unhealthy foods are the worst among them. Make sure, therefore, that you cut down on the junk food. Start your Monday mornings with healthy breakfast foods and finish the week eating healthy food ideas.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below how you managed to cut down your consumption of unhealthy food.


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