These are 10 of the Deadliest Foods in Your Kitchen

It starts with a feeling of tightness in your throat then suddenly you are chocking, running around the house gasping for breath, you feel like dying and there are only moments left before your inability to take a breath will kill you, your body stiffens and starts to shake, you are losing control, your head is dizzy and 1, 2, 3, you hit the floor.

Believe me, you don’t know how scary it is until you experience it yourself or see somebody you love going through it. This was a brief scenario of what could possibly happen to you when you end up eating something you shouldn’t have eaten in the first place.


When we think about the world’s most dangerous food, we think about the most expensive delicacies that you can never afford to taste, but guess what? You are wrong! Some of the world’s deadliest foods are probably right there in your fridge and in your kitchen!

These are 10 of the Deadliest Foods in Your Kitchen©

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