Top 10 Weird but Healthy Celebrity Diets that Will Surprise You

#1 – Carrots and Almonds

Carrots and Almonds © Paris Match / VegKitchen

You have to be Natalie Portman to live on carrots and almonds. She suffered from hunger before and until the end of filming Black Swan where she made a sensational performance. It was an excruciating diet, she admits. However, she was able to shed about 20 pounds by this strict diet.

The result was her ability to maintain a toned ballerina-like figure throughout the year. We can’t deny that although her diet was tough, carrots are rich in nutrients and almonds are rich in proteins. Both can keep you full and suppress your appetite for a long time. If you mix almonds with yogurt, salad or pasta, you will get a heavy meal that will hold you for the day.