Here Are The 8 Destructive Foods For Your Kidneys

#1 – Red meat

1-Red meat
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Well, red meat fans! We have got bad news for you: red meat is to be avoided, for it can damage your kidneys. It is a well-known fact that red meat is rich in protein which contributes to growing and building muscles.

However, protein can put the kidneys in great trouble, as the organ in question finds difficulty in metabolization. Red meat contains saturated fat and too much of the latter can result in cells named macrophages formed in the kidney tissue.

The outcome is acidic residue build up. The production of uric acid is triggered by purine, which is found in red organic meat. If purine lasts long enough in the kidneys, painful stones are likely to get formed.


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  1. hi something is wrong with below paragraphs…pls clarify

    #8 – NON-ORGANIC FOOD…is better? do not understand
    “Doctors and nutritionists recommend the consumption of organic salmon, organic kale, organic potatoes, and other organic food products because organic ones are literally toxic.”?????

    “Accordingly, the more non-organic foods you consume, the more chemicals’ build up sets in your body throughout your whole life. The high pesticide residue in your system is one of the factors that contribute to causing chronic kidney disease.”

  2. I think the hardest thing to avoid will be pesticides. I can substitute coffee with tea…It’s sad our government doesn’t keep us informed and better protected.

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