The Best Breakfast For Bodybuilders and Athletes


For normal people and athletes as well, breakfast is the main meal to supply our bodies with the necessary energy after they had digested and burnt all the food from the previous night. For this purpose, we have to make sure that we eat, every day, a rich breakfast meal with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

The famous breakfast meal for bodybuilders and athletes is the one with oats, which is full of carbohydrates and proteins. The best thing about oat is that it is digested slowly, enabling the body to get all the energy of carbohydrates and supplies the muscles with proteins for several hours we need every day. With oat, you will not feel hungry for several hours during your day.

We eat oat for breakfast in order to cope up with our diet or to get healthy food and energy. For both of them, we need to eat special amount of oat in a special way.


In order to get a sufficient amount of calories for breakfast and for our bodies could burn all the fats, we should eat no more than three spoons of oat with skimmed milk. All what we need is to leave the oat in the milk for ten minute before we eat it or we can heat it up, if we want. You can add to it egg white and half of a banana, one kiwifruit, or three strawberries.

Healthy food and for energy

For this case, Egg white, one banana, from 3 to 5 spoons of oat with skimmed milk would do better to get all the energy that our bodies need for daily activities.

In both cases, you can add a medium size spoon of honey or molasses to make it sweet.

During the day hours, you can eat it with soup or in the night before going to bed for athletes and bodybuilders to get proteins and carbohydrates for their muscles while sleeping.



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