8 Surprising Foods That Will Make You Survive A Nuclear War

#1 – Honey

Honey© pexels

Honey is one of the oldest food substances on Earth; it is a great nutrient that has many health benefits and uses. In 2015, archaeologists had found a 3,000-year-old honey in ancient Egyptian tombs; surprisingly, it was perfectly safe to eat.

Honey contains unique features that are the small amounts of hydrogen peroxide which prevents the growth of microbes. Also, it holds a low amount of water and a high amount of sugar which kills bacteria.

This is an important feature that makes honey a good food and an effective cure. The perfect thing is that its expiry could last for over 3,000 years as the case of the ancient Pharaonic tomb!

#2 – Dried pulses

Dried pulses© Natuzone

Dried pulses are a great source of protein especially during the hard times of war. Fortunately, it can be stored for several years without losing its beneficial nutrients. As we have seen with honey, the key to long dried pulses conservation is good storage.

It should be conserved in dry and airtight container to maintain its major components. Generally, dried pulses contain a great amount of sugar concentration and low water amount which prevents the growth of bacteria, which is perfectly similar to honey; but you need to make sure that you won’t allow water inside the container since that will make it last for only a few months.