8 Of The Most Surprising Foods That Will Help You Avoid A Fatty Liver!

Fatty liver became increasingly common in today’s world. According to a recent study1, 25% of the world’s population suffers from this disease. Despite the name, the fatty liver disease doesn’t affect only your liver — it’s also linked with obesity and type 2 diabetes; that is why it’s fundamental to tackle it when the symptoms begin.

But what is precisely a fatty liver? Well, the answer is right there in the name. Fatty liver condition occurs when too much fat tend to build up in liver cells.
However, unlike what most people think, drinking too much alcohol isn’t the one cause of this disease, although it can, of course, play a role in it.

As we already mentioned, it’s reversible at early stages, but when it progresses to other liver diseases, it can lead to cirrhosis and cancer.
What causes fatty liver? Several factors can contribute to this disease, and most relate to your alimentation. We will dwell on foods to avoid if you have a fatty liver, but first, let’s see what can cause a fatty liver: Obesity, since it can promote fat storage in the liver.

Excessive belly fat, since if you have it, you are carrying excess fat around that area. Resistance to insulin, because it’s related to diabetes type 2. Consuming too much-refined carbs, and you have diabetes or excessive weight. Drinks with added sugar, because they are high in fructose.

What are the symptoms? The tricky thing about the fatty liver is that the signs are well-known, but not all of them may be present. You can suffer from a fatty liver without even realizing it. The symptoms include Fatigue, pain in the right or center abdominal area, elevated levels of liver enzymes, insulin and triglyceride levels When this disease gets worse, you will also develop loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, severe abdominal pains and eventually the yellowing of eyes and skin.

What foods to eat to cure fatty liver? You can tackle fatty liver symptoms if you change your habits. A rich and wholesome diet combined with exercise is the perfect solution to this disease. The list below is food for thought but also food for fatty liver:

#1 – Garlic

Garlic as a significant part of many diets and according to recent studies should be part of any diet for reducing fatty liver. Garlic and garlic powder supplements help minimize fat, and they also make everything tastier.

#2 – Salmon

Salmon can be a delicious meal, and it’s definitely on the list of foods good for liver repair. The reason? Salmon has a kind of fatty acids that are actually beneficial. They help to control your cholesterol levels, and they are useful to your liver. All thanks to Omega-3 — a different kind of fat.

#3 – Coffee

For most people, drinking a cup of coffee is a sacred act each morning. But more than waking us up, drinking a cup of coffee can also be fundamental on a liver healing diet. You see, coffee has chlorogenic acid, a compound that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

If drunk in moderation, coffee also helps reduce cholesterol and hypertension. But that’s not all this miraculous drink has to offer. Apparently, coffee also protects the body from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Now, every time you have a cup of coffee, you know that you’re doing more than just getting that kick to start your day – you’re also helping your liver.

#4 – Broccoli

Any meal plan for fatty liver must include the right amount of vegetables. From all the vegetables, though, we decided to talk about broccoli. There are yet some steps to prove the extent of its effectiveness, but the first results on animals for the regular consumption of this vegetable proved to be very beneficial. With results this promising we recommend you become a broc-star.

#5 – Tea

The medicinal benefits of tea are widely known, and we know that it can be more than a comfortable hot drink. First recorded in China in 59 BC, tea is a landmark of the human race. Besides boosting your immune system, tea is also part of fatty liver home remedies. Tea is a fantastic antioxidant, and that sure is helpful for a fatty liver cleanse.

#6 – Go Nuts For Walnuts

Every tree nuts should be part of a balanced diet. Walnuts, however, are particularly important because they are exceptionally high in our friend Omega-3. For people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a report on fatty liver disease treatment shows that eating this type of nut improved the liver functions. Time to go nuts on walnuts!

#7 – Avocadon’t Miss The Avocado

This worldwide trend is rich in the type of fats that are beneficial for your whole body. It also contains anti-inflammatory nutrients and fiber that reduce blood sugar.

#8 – Soy protein

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to increase your intake of protein and soy is the right solution. Not only because it allows you to reduce the consumption of some types of fat, but also because it protects the body from this disease.

Studies show that it helps decrease the amount of sugar in your blood and it has a super low amount of carbohydrates in it. If you build muscle mass, you will also avoid building fat around your waist. So it’s a win-win.

When people ask us how to reduce liver inflammation, they are usually looking for a miraculous fatty liver cleanse diet. There is no such thing as that. There are habits and foods bad for the liver that need to change.

How to lower liver enzymes is a question of habits. Make sure you create a meal plan for the fatty liver with the foods we mentioned in this article, but also change your daily routine.

Regular exercise, losing excess weight and being in shape are recommendations for everyone but most specifically to people suffering from this disease. The first step is always the hardest but is the one you must take to tackle a fatty liver.


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